Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mee Banjir Udang Mak Teh

I had tasted alot of prawn mee in malaysia especially in kedah , perak , selangor and penang.So far the best was in Teluk Kumbar Penang . But the problem was , there is no consistency in the taste.A few months back it was very good but when i tasted it recently , it was not as good as before.
I had heard about MEE BANJIR UDANG MAK TEH quite some time ago , but honestly i could say that the gravy was a bit diluted but the amount of prawn in it was enough to make you a feel a bit drowsy especially if you have hypertension.On average there are 7-8 king size prawn per serving and the price was acceptable.
For those who seek to find a healthy way of eating this may not be your choice of food,but then again fasting month is just around the corner and this could be the best time to add a few pound of fat to act as an energy reserve during the fasting month, ha ha.
overall rating = B


  1. huhu..
    loved to eat mee udang..
    but somehow throats will get itchy after having it :-(


  2. fvrite udang...

  3. salam.... dah lama dengar cerita mee udang Kuala Sepetang, kesempatan nak p try je yang belum muncul. Ngeh ngeh.

  4. malboro-bila tekak gatal tu maknanya tak cukup mkn lagi tu , kena tambah bnyk2

    afiti,masmz-kena p cuba tu baru tau best tak best

  5. Strange...I got hungrier after having a large portion of Mee Udang. I need to try out nasi goreng udang and kuey teow udang next time.

    I can see the workers processing some large packets of udangs :)

  6. mylo-the mee udang stall that you went previously was mak jah mee udang ,located around 500m from this stall.try to go to teluk kumbar , penang.The prawn mee over there taste better

  7. my rating at this place is D. Sorry to say for that.

  8. speedrider-welcome to my blog , takde masalah.benda ni very subjektif