Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hong Kong

First time i had been to Hong Kong was in september , 2003 at the height of the Bird Flu epidemic.Back then almost nobody would want to go to Hong Kong and the flight ticket was damn cheap.I had bought my ticket for 5 days 4 night inclusive of hotel from cathay pacific at a price of RM980 inclusive tax.I love Hong Kong so much that i had went there again and again afterwards.My latest trip to Hong Kong was last year but sadly i had accidently erased all the softcopy and what was left was the picture below taken on my first trip to Hong Kong in 2003 .

What i love the most about Hong Kong is its seafood.Almost all the seafood is served fresh and walking along the seafood restaurant, it is as if you are walking past a vast aquarium complex .Almost all the seafood is alive and kickin' .

Although i love Hong Kong but there is a limit on how many days i can tolerate Hong Kong.Apart from the high cost of living , hong kong was extremely crowded especially at peak hours and there are times you will feel yourself suffocated in the middle of hong kong.The were literally thousands of people at a time in the main street of hong kong and plus this with the fact that you can't virtually see the horizon due to the density of the city skyscraper , you could easily feel intoxicated and nauseas if you can't get used to it.Despite all this , Hong Kong is still a very nice place to visit and for me the only cheap way to escape this madness is by boarding the Star Ferry at night from the Jetty near the Bauhinia square across the straits to Tsim Tsa Tsui.The sight at night is truely a sight to behold.With the cold wind gushing through your body and the view of the skyscaper in front of you , you are totally at peace with yourself.

Although the cost of living in Hong Kong is very high , almost equivalent as in europe by comparison but the price of goods is not that expensive and at times are cheaper than malaysia.This could be due to Shenzen , China is just a stone throw away from hong kong . I can't exactly remember the finer detail of my trip but i believe that i had xplored all of Hong Kong .Will definitely visit there again if i got the time and budget.

view of hong kong from Tsim Tsa Tsui
Jumbo floating restaurant
Repulse Bay
Waiting for a tram to victoria peak


  1. Thank you for sharing. Love the way you compose this post - short and sweet.

    Same here, I 'hate crowds'. Have to visit HK someday and see for myself :)

  2. Agreed with shloke.Love the way you compose this post.I've been there twice (1998 & 2007)but still cannot express it, in beautiful words..Duh!

    I have mixed feeling about HK though..:)

  3. shloke n rerama - thank you for your kind words.Yeke ker nice composition.saya lebih suka entry psal padang n MAS first class.