Friday, September 04, 2009

Potrait of Xplorer Jr

My Daughter , Xplorer Jr

Hari Raya is just around the corner and what makes this year hari raya so special is the addition of my new family member , Xplorer Jr. I had a crazy time celebrating hari raya when i was a kid living in a kampung(village).Back then Hari Raya is synonymous with homemade bamboo cannon . Even during my time bamboo cannon could be considered old technology and me and my friend had step up our knowledge by replacing bamboo with an old steel lighting post which prove to be tougher.I know that i was very dangerous to play with homemade cannon regardless on wheter you used bamboo or steel and as an adult i disapproved it . But this sort of crazy things that you do as a kid that you will remember the most throughout your entire life and i could imagine myself telling stories to my daughter later on how i celebrated hari raya as a kid living in a small village.

But there is more to clebrating hari raya in KAMPUNG than just the homemade cannon , it is hard to describe in words but you do feel the warmth of other people during hari raya.I feel sad thinking that my daugther will not have a chance to celebrate Hari Raya in true KAMPUNG style .


  1. Selamat Berpuasa! You're right. When we were young, the fun and games were simple ( not safe too!!). I used to watch my folks firing crackers, now banned, during Chinese New Year.
    xplorer jr is cute:)

  2. thank you keats.Jr is cute and naughty also , he he

  3. Ooooh! junior is getting bigger :) I'm curious here..junior resemble dad or mom?

    I missed those crazy days burning firecrackers during CNY. The 'explosion' was insane. But, are you going to balik kampung and celebrate this raya with your mertua or grandparents?

  4. mylo-jr resemble dad -check out this link for camparative photo btn jr and dad

    my grandparent had passed away recently.My parent had just retired and are living with me in KL while my mertua also just retired and they are currently staying in KL .i have no kampung,too bad