Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung,Ipoh

Coconut milk rice or "Nasi lemak" plays an important role to the life of every malaysian.Apart from its high cholesterol content which plays a significant role in contributing to the total number of death in heart attack related disease in Malaysia , nasi lemak is truely a 1MALAYSIA food.Suffice to say that nasi lemak create a very tight bond between MALAYSIAN worldwide.If you had experience living abroad or travelling overseas for a long period of time i bet my life that there will come a period where you will drool thinking about nasi lemak and longing to come back to Malaysia.By the way , INA , i guess that you must be drooling by now after seeing the pic ,he he.Maybe someone should suggest to Dato Seri Najib that instead of using the 1MALAYSIA slogan , we should instead used NASI LEMAK as a campaign slogan.Not eating nasi lemak is so not malaysian and to the hard core it's even tantamount to not being human, he he.

During my recent visit to Ipoh , my cousin had brought me to this NASI LEMAK AYAM KAMPUNG restaurant in Ipoh but i doubt they used "ayam kampung". The texture and taste of the chicken is more towards "ayam bandar" or "ayam inject". I live in KL and i definitely know how "ayam bandar" taste like , he he.But overall the taste of the sambal is not so bad and the fact they steamed their rice add more flavour towards it.The main dish in this restaurant is nasi lemak but the are other stuff like steamed fish , fried rice , sup belut and etc.I had tried sup belut and i do recommend it to all.

1MALAYSIA for all!!!

NASI LEMAK for all!!!!

Restoran Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung
No 43, 45, Jalan Ali Pitchay,
Ipoh, Perak.
Business Hour : Daily 6.00pm to 3.00am

Overall experience : B

Sup Belut


  1. So you are still "belum menjelma" :)

    I had nasi lemak yesterday morning. I tried to reduce on my nasi lemak but I guess must have it at least once a week.

    The restaurant looked nice and lively and real busy. I cannot figure what was it that was stacked up. They looked fried but are they?

    Is this restaurant far off the highway? I found it difficult to find food in Ipoh near the highway.

  2. ocean-he he not yet , tunngu kemunculan XPLORER tak lama lagi .The stack up item is fried chicken.the restaurant is in ipoh city center.If you have time , spend a night at casuarina and xplore ipoh .it was quite interesting

  3. Wah! xplorer is now officially a food critique!!!

    Yep! I agree with you 110% - Nasi Lemak is definitely 1Malaysian food. There is one nasi lemak stall in Kepong Baru wet market. People are lining up to get their daily dose of YUMMYLICIUOS nasi lemak from this lady. A bit expensive but the chunks of rendang beef are AWESOME! Perhaps one day, I should carry along my camera and snap some shots :)

    Than mountain of fried chicken is an eye-opener :) Sup belut look tantalizing & YUMMY!

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    Anyway, remember to vote for me :) Here is my submission:


  4. betol.. betol.. bini saya pon minat sangat nasik lemak ayam kampung kat situ. kalo balik kampung mesti craving for it. if you happen to come down to JB, do try the nasi lemak taman molek. i'm not a nasi lemak fan, but this is definitely a must try if you are in JB.

  5. kenapa overall B ?
    TQ for sharing ,too bad saya tak makan ayam kampung dan belut...tapi sup tu nampak sedap sangat!