Sunday, October 18, 2009

Potrait of Xplorer Jr

I really enjoy taking picture of my daughter.Her facial expression seem so pure and she always love the attention from us.It is true what they said that a child is a gift from god and it is our responsibility as a parent to shower them with love and at the same time disciplined them so that they will grow up doing the same thing to their own children.
Love you so much Xplorer Jr , you presence had truly add colours to my life.


  1. XPLORER JR ambil muka papa ye, mama mana?

    I wonder what a child wonders.

  2. My goodness...xplorer junior loo like a boy! THE HAIRCUT :)

    Can she shout out papa and momma yet??

  3. Eleleeee..... comei nyerrr :)

  4. to all - mesti ler comel mcm ayah dia jugak , he he