Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on my father 2

Finally we had manage to see the doctor just now and it was frustrating. First of all when we had first see him last wednesday after waiting for 5 hours , he did not even border to check physically at my father and just rely on the 2 month old MRI scan done at Selangor Specialist Hospital .Based on that , he told us that he will x-ray again today and decide on a minor operation to remove the kidney stone .But now after waiting for two month , only today another x-ray was done and the doctor cannot detect the kidney stone and he advise us to go back and do another scan in two weeks time.
My question is
  • why do we need to wait two month just for and x-ray?
  • Why doesn't an x-ray is not done during the first consultation?Need to wait for two month before the first x-ray
  • I was being told by the doctor in Selangor Specialist Center that the kidney stone was small and cannot be detected using normal x-ray and can only be detected using MRI.Why the heck is this specialist is still using normal x-ray?
  • during the two month waiting period no medication was given to my father from hospital selayang the reason is doctor will only give medicine after consultation(which we had to wait for two month).They had advice to go back to hospital sungai buloh for medicine. We we go to hospital sg buloh , the doctor in hospital sg buloh refuse to give medicine as the case had been refered to selayang hospital? Ding , dong , ding , dong .Finally we consult our own family doctor and buy the medicine ourselves
  • the doctor from selangor specialist and sungai buloh had given us a letter from their own diagnosis on my father condition to be shown at selayang hospital , is it too much to ask to give a medicine while waiting for two month before the seeing the specialist.Who know my father condition would deteriorate, while waiting






  1. We've had bad experience too at government hospital, in short, there was no service. Please note that it is not the hardworking staff but they were overworked. We had to go to a private hospital and the service difference was like night and day. But then the price difference was like peanuts and moon. This is because of insurance and so those without insurance like the elderlies and family of the elderlies suffer.

    We had become the US, before we achieved the quality lifestyles of the Americans. The government must quickly study and emulate the hospital systems of Europe and Canada now, before it is too late.

  2. ocean - correct , the doctor in gov hospital is overwork but there is no proper communication between hospital and department , in short SILO MENTALITY