Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on my father and other stuff

Finally after waiting for two month my father will finally undergo a minor surgery today to remove the KIDNEY STONE and to check the condition of his swollen left kidney. The waiting time for government hospital is just too long and furthermore we suppose to see the specialist today at 245pm and up until now the specialist is nowhere in sight and we are left in the blank at the ward about the status of my father .Nobody told us anything , only that we are told that the doctor will see us today at 245pm at the ward for the surgery.
Our government staff really need to improve the way they service their customer. The frontliner need to be customer focus and result oriented.I really hope Dato Najib could do something to change the mindset of government servant.
It had been a long time since i update my blog , i had been very busy with work,training , travelling and selection of fitting for my new house. For the past two week i had went to Sungkai Hotspring Resort , Sungkai Wildlife Reservation Center , Bukit fraser , Kuala Kubu Dam and etc.Will update on my blog soon.Among all i really enjoy bukit fraser.I had went to bukit fraser a few years back and i really didn't enjoy it. But yesterday i had revisit bukit fraser again and this time i really enjoy it.Pressure at the office was mounting and bukit fraser provide an ideal escapades.I don't want to reveal too much as it will ruin my blog entry on bukit fraser.
I had just completed my leadership n management training last wednesday and i could say that it was worth it.i had attended a lot of management training before conducted by local and mat salleh and it sucks. But the recent one is very good as they are a lot of panel , among them is the current MD of malaysia airlines and people from khazanah nasional.I was really interested when they talk about DARE TO FAIL and the GAME OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.
All this while in my the management training that i had attended before , all emphasized on setting realistic target but in this course i was told that we must set impossible target so that we could radically change the way we are doing things.In planning for the impossible we must conquer the fear of failing.I wish i could share more on what i learn with you guys but i'm just lazy to type.


  1. Yes, it is very frustrating to wait for ( for long peroids too) and left with no answers!! As a customer, many times I feel our front liners must do a better job. That's the first point of contact.
    Glad to hear Fraser's Hill is doing better as there were adverse reports. it is a haven for birds and a special place for the bird race too.

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  3. Thats why at MAS we called Dato Idris Jala (former CEO MAS) as Mr Impossible.

    Nampak anak didik dia Dato Tengku Azmil akan mewarisi bayang Mr Impossible


    about your father: i selalu juga ternanti citer pasal ur dad, and apa yang anda hadapi telah saya hadapi terutama kerenah pegawai kerajaan, amat setuju mereka perlu meningkatkan mutu perkhidmatan terutama sekali front line sebab mereka akan jadi 'first impression', walaupun pesakit di spital kerajaan ramai, namun ia bukan satu alasan utk tidak boleh bermuka manis dan menjadikan diri seorang yg lebih informatif.

    bila dealing dgn pegawai kerajaan saya paling tidak suka dijadikan bola, terutama sekali bila berhadapan hal-hal kecemasan dan juga kesihatan. Setiap kali kene kick out atau disuruh refer ke sesuatu jabatan saya akan bertanyakan nama mereka terlebih dahulu, sebab nanti bila orang jabatan yang kita di rujuk tu refuse, saya boleh cakap en/puan sipolan suruh refer pada awak...

  4. keats - fraser hill is still the same.But if you go there with your otak serabut and tension then bukit fraser will be a nice place to go.I plan to go there again for a sleepover.need to overhaul my brain , he he

    azlie-btul tu mmg jadi bola bila deal ngan pegawai kerajaan.Saya pun tak paham kenapa leh org kerajaan leh jadi mcm tu mungkin sebab dah terlalu comfortable sgt kut sampai tahap every month tunggu gaji saja n takde effort utk tunggu

  5. Wish Pakcik recover as soon as possible.

    I hate training! Sitting down 5 - 6 hours long listening to 'crap'. Usually, I nominate others to attend :)

    Bukit Fraser is plain. But, the jungle treks are AWESOME! Remember to update us with your latest trip.

    Best Wishes,

  6. mylo-thank you for caring.will update soon