Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Conventional MAP vs GPS

Nowadays a GPS is almost a neccesity if people want to travel . Almost all my colleague have their own GPS and most of the new high end handphone come fully loaded with GPS feature . But do people really need GPS ? .Personally i feel GPS had taken away the element of uncertainty in travel , which for me is the most fun part of travelling . Nothing beat the adrenalin rush of being in a foreign country where you have to find your own way to a destination. Being in these kind of situation actually train you to be calm and street smart - do what the local do and in no time you will not feel awkward being in a foreign land.
On most occasion , the first thing that i would do once i pass the immigration check point , is to take a very deep breath to calm myself and then be very observant in looking for street sign or any clue which would help you in finding your own way.Try as much as possible not to be KALUT just act cool.
To have a GPS while travelling oversea is not as bad as having GPS while travelling locally. Travelling with the aide of GPS locally for me is a very UNCOOL thing to do.Come on!!! , it is almost impossible to get lost in malaysia . I had been travelling all over the world and so far i only feel lost while finding my way in SHAH ALAM industrial area.
my advise :- throw away your GPS and use the normal map.Focus more on Xploring rather than travelling . I had stumbled upon a lot of interesting places locally and overseas while i'm ' LOST ' . LOST does not exist in my vocab , for me LOST meant opportunity to xplore new places.The destination does not matter but it is the journey towards the destination matter most.

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