Friday, November 20, 2009

Datuk Killed fleeing robbers

I read this morning news in THE STAR (please refer below) with anger and feeling disgust at this crime . Having personally experience my house being robbed by 4 armed robber early this year and 3 other incident at my neighbour house . I was lucky that nobody was hurt in that incident but it had left a very deep psychological scar to my family.I personally feel that the crime rate in malaysia had gone up.I'm not sure what the statistic says about it but generally the feeling that you can leave your door open at night and even in broad daylight like what i used to do living in KAMPUNG had become an urban legend or a myth.

In a press stetement by our home minister yesterday , the number of foreign immigrant in malysia had reach 2 million!!!.This is just not acceptable and i beg our givernment do something about it. Almost on a weekly basis we could see news report on crime that had committed by these immigrant , especially illigal immigrant.Not to say that all these foreigner are bad but it is a fact that they contribute significantly to statistic.

After the incident at my house , i had always kept a machete(parang) inside my bedroom .But i had always ask myself this critical question. How far would you do to protect your family?Would you killed a person with your machete as an act of self defence to protect your family?Would you sacrifice yourself to protect your family?

My answer is YES.........
But it's easier said than done , when someone puts a knife on your neck only then you will know what you capable of and i pray that day will never come.
KUALA LUMPUR(THE STAR): The former president of the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) died yesterday morning after he fell from the first floor of his house while fleeing armed robbers.
It is learnt three men who were not wearing masks and armed with parang entered Datuk Patrick Wong’s (pic) house at Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, at around 7pm on Monday through the back entrance.
At the time of the incident, Wong, 57, was in the computer room on the first floor, his 25 year-old-son was having a shower upstairs while his 18-year-old daughter and maid were believed to be in the kitchen.One of the suspects stood guard downstairs while the other two went upstairs.
City OCCI Datuk Ku Chin Wah said Wong could have struggled with the two armed robbers and leapt out of the window in a bid to escape.His son heard some noise and came out of the bathroom to check only to find armed men in the house.
“The son put up a fight with one of the suspects but was slashed on his right arm.” Ku said one of the robbers was heard saying that the victim had jumped before they rushed outside, dragged Wong’s unconscious body inside the house and fled.Wong was rushed to a private hospital nearby but fell into a coma and was pronounced dead yesterday morning. His body was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post-mortem.Investigations revealed the suspects had only stolen the daughter’s purse containing US$300 (RM1,018) and a handphone.
Ku said the case was being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder and did not rule out the possibility that there might be another motive for the attack


  1. since the home minister has its own KPI now, let's make sure he achieve it. if not, its high time he is replaced. i guess we also need a KPI for deporting illegal immigrants back to where they belong. if not, this problem will not go away.

  2. I was robbed twice at knifepoint in KL. Usually petty thefts like pickpockets and street thieves are committed by drug addicts.

    Well, I guess drugs is also part of the probelm -- mounting vicious crime in KL. People high on drugs will do whatever to get their fix - including killing their parents or slashing victims.


  3. I read the obituary first and then read the news in another paper. I was also disturbed. Our roads have so many cones and all sorts of barriers. This is not our country anymore!!

  4. gerbert - i'm very sure that our top government people does not feel what the common people feel .Everywhere they go everything is not for them and people tend to overdo it.They may not see the reality as they are overshadow by it

    mylo- it must be a harrowing experience

    keats - just go to central market , sogo and puduraya and you will feel that you are not in malaysia anymore

  5. xplorer,

    I remember reading some updates about this Dato's robbery case. I think the CID are investigating into other possibilities....including business rivalry. Correct me if I'm wrong.


    Actually, I wanted to shout "TOLONG!!!" It was peak hour with heavy traffic on the road. But, the crook warned me to keep my mouth shut or he'll stab me. Well, I chickened out - let him grab my cash and phone. I guess life is more precious :)


  6. agreed life is more precious than material possesion