Monday, November 02, 2009

Fraser Hill

Hmmm... describing Fraser Hill is not easy.I had been to Fraser Hill twice and on both ocasion my intrepetation on Fraser Hill is like heaven and earth.The first trip was extremely boring while the second trip was marvellous.Fraser Hill had not change that much since my first visit there , everything remain the same except my state of mind.

Going there with your mind serabut and berkecamuk and after a few minutes walking around Fraser Hill inhaling deeply the extremely cool and fresh air - i bet my life that you will feel at ease and calm with yourself.I guess the fresh cool air , serene and calm atmosphere had a kind of OVERHAULIN' effect to your brain.Due to this reason i had decided that i need to go again to bukit fraser and spend the night there for the full OVERHAULIN' effect.

To tell you the truth , there is nothing in bukit fraser except mother nature.If you go there with a perception that it will be something like Cameron Highland or even Genting Highland , you will feel extremely dissappointed . I could see a lot of potential if our government CAREFULLY develop Fraser Hill as one of the top tourist destination in Malaysia.Again , i emphasized CAREFULLY develop Fraser Hill. I would hate to see Fraser Hill becoming another Genting Highland or Cameron Highland.

For further info and cool pic on bukit fraser , do visit MYLO website


  1. Someone is really happy! What a smile.

    The place do look nice but deserted.

  2. never been there before this..i love the Cloud figure in the last pic..Nice!

  3. X-plorer, ada cuba lay down atas jalan kat area jam waktu malam??? ngeh ngeh ngeh... some of us did, just to have experience 'baring atas jalan raya' (dare to do so because nite life kat sana sunyi but beautiful).

    I became over excited in Bukit Fraser bcoz i love wild orchids. Oohhhhh best!!!!

  4. masmz-lay down atas jalan kat fraser hill tak friend had dare me once previously to lay down at the main road in front of sunway pyramid during heavy rain.Both of us did it.If you love orchid you should go to chiang mai , thailand .after seeing the orchid in chiang mai i bet you will lay down at the airport runway, he he

  5. Wah xplorer jr dah pandai tertawa lebar...kejap jer kan?so cute!!

    Fraser Hill...been there one about 3 years ago...its freezing..grrrrr..until my SONY digi cam went kaput...(logic ke?)..

  6. Junior xplorer definitely enjoyed her Fraser's Hill outing :)

    I usually go up to Fraser's Hill purely for jungle trekking. Going up is fun but going down (back to KL) can be a traumatic experience. I get stressed out easily if the driver in front of me is driving slowly................(from Gap).

    xplorer, thank you for linking my blog in this article. Waiting for more goodies from xplorer.


  7. x-plorer.... alamak korang memang lagi daring aaaa....
    "after seeing the orchid in chiang mai i bet you will lay down at the airport runway, he he" : huhu... da possibility is guite high especially when i couldn't bring it home atau tak puas lagi tengok tapi dah kena balik KL.... Huwaaaa.....