Monday, November 16, 2009

Trip to Hong Kong via MAS Global sale

I had just bought my ticket to Hong Kong for next year from MAS for travel in May 2010. Plus tax , a return trip to Hong Kong only cost me RM 850 per person. Do check out MAS website for more offer . Believe me the offer is just fantastic. My travel plan for next year is full as i had also manage to get some free ticket for local destination from Airasia as well.I'm planning to stay 2 night in Hong Kong Disneyland and another 2 night in Kowloon.It will be Xplorer Jr first trip overseas.

life is getting good as travelling overseas is cheaper than ever



  1. Wow!

    My MAS return ticket Png-KL-Miri-KL-Png this weekend cost me nearly RM2K!


  2. Thanks for sharing! Definitely a GREAT BARGAIN!

  3. Kat dalam Disneyland HK tu punyalah payah nak makan...tapi Xpolerer jr mesti suka!!!

    Yeah great bargain...Nak tengok skrg jugak!!

  4. lukman - btul tu mmg murah

    shloke-you should check it out

    rs- kat dlm disneyland ada laksa penang.mmg ejaan dia pun dia tulis laksa penang

  5. Wow! great bargains!Nothing like more than decent fares to make us go see the world!

  6. keats and mas - check out MAS website , the offer is great