Monday, November 16, 2009

Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara Malaysia is managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society, a non-governmental organization established to create the first local zoo for Malaysians. Zoo Negara is now 46 years old and have a total of over 5137 animals from 459 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Zoo Negara covers 110 acres of land which is situated only 5km from the city of Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, the zoo has transformed itself to an open concept zoo and currently still working in making sure that the old zoo concept is changed entirely. But due to the space limitation at that area i could see that it will be a very dificult task.Zoos all over the world are changing towards an open concept enclosures which mimic the actual living condition of the animal.I pity the big cat when i see their small enclosures , tiger and lion need more space for them to explore their territories.
As expected Jr was extremely excited to see the animal . The big and broad smile on her face as per the pic above clearly showed that she loved animal.But I guess that all kids loved animal.I didn't take much picture at the zoo as we had to cut short our visit due to the heavy rain.
I had been to zoo's in other part of the world.All i can say that ZOO Negara really need to improve their service and improve the living condition of the animal.I could see alot of improvement since my last visit two years back but it is still not enough.

Zoo Negara by Day is open daily from 9.00am – 5.00pm


  1. 'Mat Salleh' usually skip our National Zoo. These savvy travelers do not like our cage-like enclosures. They prefer Singapore Zoo.

    Malaysian Zoological Society should take the land offer from state government and relocate to a bigger place.

    Nevertheless, I definitely LOVE the zoo's aquarium.


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  3. true - there's nil matsalleh in zoo negara.these savvy traveller prefer singapore zoo. i had submitted the survey from

  4. Thanks! Nice feedback. I added your reply in my survey.

    'Mat Sallehs' despise the way we treat animals in local zoos. I did some readings at

    Check this out - a typical discussion among 'mat sallehs'
    Bird Paradise Langkaw/Wildlife Park....animal friendly?:


  5. Hello Xplorer, great write on Zoo Negara. It as been a while since my last visit to that place, 2005 if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, I will keep you in mind as I may have a Malaysian Travel Blogger Project coming up. You seem to be doing great with your travel blog.

    Malaysia Asia

  6. hello david , welcome to my blog and thanks