Friday, December 11, 2009

Why i wrote this blog?

Initially i had wrote this blog to document all my travel. I had been travelling extensively in Malaysia and all over the world . Sadly i did not document most of my travel previously and most of the info and picture is lost somewhere . Now i feel that this blog meant a lot more to me rather than just documenting all my travel . this blog is a legacy to xplorer Jr and hopefully when daddy and mummy is no longer in this world , this blog will still exist and Jr could read and relive back the joyous moment when daddy , mommy , atok , opah , opah mama and tok abah is still around.Hopefully Jr will realized how important Jr is to mummy and daddy .

To Xplorer JR,

There will come a time in the future where you will read this and just want you to know that mummy and daddy loves you so much.


  1. Dear Explorer,

    It's true that when we started our blogs, we had a specific objective, but sooner or later it'll be a little bit more than we expected. It will also help us realise that sometimes our priorities in life also changes over time. Keep on blogging! :)

  2. That's so sweet! It'll be a virtual diary/reference for big xplorer in future :) She will continue writing for this blog!

    I blog all about my travel and solo discovery of places in Malaysia. I belief blogging is therapeutic. At times, I'm addicted to blogging :)


  3. There's so much one can share and it's a record that helps us remember big or small details:) keep blogging and enjoy!

  4. Mr Eplorer,

    Hello again sekian lama tak's life...hope u r doing great...

    keep on blogging bro...

  5. ina btul tu - tak sangka plak boleh sampai ke tahap ni , dah beratus entry

    mylo - blogging is indeed therapeutic and addictive but there are time when you will experience brain drain while blogging

    keats- thank you

    singasong-welcome again to my blog .Appreciate if you could set your profile to public as i would like to know my commentator

  6. if you ask me why i wrote my blog.

    the answer is simple.

    i LOVE blogging.hehe

    besides,by looking back at old entries makes me feel delighted..i mean,that's our life right??

    after all,documented our own life is not a bad idea