Thursday, April 30, 2009

photo 15

"sarawak cultural village"
"pantai batu burok,terengganu"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

photo 14

The above picture was shot in kuala terengganu malaysia , near pasar payang.

Alternative travel in Penang , Malaysia

I'm very sure that most of you had been to penang for your holidays.Penang is famous for its food , beaches ,Penang Hill ,Esplanade and Kek Lok Si Temple (just to name a few).But there are the other side of Penang which is quite interesting also which is frequented mainly by the local people.

- equivalent to a car boot sale in europe.located just beside the penang stadium carpark and open between 8 to 12 noon.You can find antique for sale here at a very good bargain and there is also a possibility that you could also find your shoe's here if its lost or stolen.he he.Kalau pegi sembahyang jumaat dan selipar hilang , ada besar kemungkinan boleh jumpa selipar anda kembali kat sini.

2)Taman Negara Pulau Pinang , Teluk bahang
Forget about batu ferrenghi if you want to go for a swim.A much better alternative is to go to this area , the water is much more clearer here and not many people here.The best way to go to this place is hiking if you have the stamina,but you could always rent a boat.There is a fisherman jetty located at the park entrance , just ask around for the transport.I do recommend that you go to the MUKA HEAD for a picnic and try hiking one of the trail which will led you to the lighthouse.

This is among the last places in penang where you could still find traditional malay food at a very reasonable price.This place had an old school touch towards it and for me its very interesting.I recommend that you try the "SERABAI" , a food which is rarely found in other part of malaysia.

4)LUNCH at LAKSA JANGGUS , Balik Pulau
For me this is the best laksa stall in the whole malaysia, being a "LAKSA" lover i'm always on a quest to find the best laksa stall and this is the best.It was even featured in Jalan-jalan cari makan and some other TV food program.It is located in PULAU BURUNG,BALIK PULAU , the small stall is located under the "pokok janggus" and hence the name "laksa janggus" originated.There is no proper direction to pulau burung , just ask the local people when you arrive in Balik Pulau Town and most of them will tell the direction to laksa janggus or Pulau burung.

5)Dinner At Nasi Kandar Line clear
Authentic penang nasi kandar stall which is located at penang road.Almost everybody in penang know the location of nasi kandar line clear, just ask around for direction.This stall is the perfect example that you don't need fine dining to eat delicious food . Just a simple bence and tarpaulin will do , the main thing is the food.You will know what i mean when you are there.

6) A visit to Pulau Aman by boat
The "Island of Peace" or Pulau Aman (in Malay) is a small island in Penang that is home to a traditional Malay village. Situated on an island covering an area of about 115-hectare, the place is (if you ask me!) the gateway to tranquility and serenity.The easiest way to go to pulau aman is by driving along the north south highway and exit through Bukit Tambun,Penang.There is a small jetty which will take you to pulau aman at a cost of RM 4.This is the best hidden secret of penang which mainly being overlook by tourist.

Xplorer JR, a few minutes after birth,10th april 09

The most happiest moment in my life is when i saw XPLORER JR for the first time.



photo 13

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JETSTAR free ticket to singapore

Jetstar airways is currently offering free ticket from penang to singapore for travel from 1st july onwards.Please check out the following link for detail and please book early as flight is limited

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Keukenhoff pic and info on other tulip location

Besides Holland you can also see tulip at the following place

1)Villa Taranto , italy

2)Villa Carlotta,Italy

3)Villa Raimondi,Italy

4)Spalding Flower festival , England

5)Istanbul Tulip Festival , Turkey

6)Ottawa Tulip Festival , Canada

7)Washington Park ,New York.

8)Tesselaar Tulip Festival,Australia

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keukenhoff Garden , Amsterdam

This is the happiest place on earth for my wife , there are tulips of different colours almost everywhere.This is the place to be whenever you visit Netherland during spring time.It seems that tulips are a very big and lucrative business in Netherlands and worths hundred of million euros worth of exports.As a comparison , just imagine yourself driving along the north south highway in KEDAH, along the way you could see paddy field as far as your eyes could see, now replace the vision of paddy field with colourful tulips and just imigine how beautiful it is.The field is just splashing with colourful and vibrant colours of tulip.If you plan to go to netherland to see the tulips , please plan you trip by finding information on the keukenhoff official website tulip only bloom within a short period of time.


Despite its abundance everywhere , not many people realise that tulips originated in the valley of TIAN SHAN mountains , where tibet and china meet.In 1050AD , tulips were venerated in Persia but it was the turkish tribe , the SELCUKS , moving west from central asia and settling in eastern anatolia , who brought the tulips nearer to europe.When the Ottoman captured Istanbul in 1453 ,tulips became a common sight there too.The ottoman sultans loved them so much they embelished the gardens in the TOPKAPI palace in istanbul with many variety of tulip.


Malaysia Airlines currently is offering discounted flight to amsterdam , check out their website at
(Rasa macam aku ni tgh promote malaysia airlines plak! , he he.MAS kena bagi aku komisen skit sebab bagi free advert.)

The easiest way to get there is by buying a combi ticket at a cost of 20 euro which include a return bus tiket to keukenhoff from Schiphol.You can purchase the combi ticket from the tourist infomation center which is located inside the schiphol airport.The journey will take you approximately 40 minutes across beautiful landscape.

1st time father

As of today my baby is 2 weeks old.For the first time i had the courage to bathe my own daughter with the supervision from my in-laws of course(whom is a nurse).It is not as if i'm not doing my responsibility as a father but her fragile and soft body makes me feel that i could injured her with the slightest mishandling.My life had change tremendously with the arrival of my daughter , the meaning of uninterrupted sleep suddenly does not exist in my vocabulary.But after seeing the smile from my baby face it seems that every sacrifice that i made seems worthwhile.

photo 12

"Typical night market in most ASIA country,this one was captured in BAYAN BARU,Penang,Malaysia"

photo 11

"view from above"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

photo 10

All the above pic was shot in keukenhoff,amsterdam

Bloemenmarkt(flower market), amsterdam

"Tulip bulb"
"Tulip bulb for sale"


This is the happiest place on earth for my wife (that is before seeing KEUKENHOFF garden of course).I could see my wife face gleaming with pure happiness after seeing the tulip flower.She had always been a tulip fan but living in a very hot climate region meant that our choice of tulip is only limited to plastic tulip.Bloemenmarkt is dutch for flower market.This flower market is located on the Singel canal between the Koningsplein and the Muntplein . I was told that it was the only floating flower market in the world .I was in amsterdam in april therefore technically its tulip season and you could see a wide variety of tulip and its bulb for sale and it is not that expensive also.A bag of tulip bulb will cost you from 3 euro depending on the type and quality. Honestly i'm not a "mat bunga" type of person but after seeing with your own eyes i do admit that it is a beautiful flower and i will definitely plant a few tulip at my garden if i live in a four seosons country.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


At gare du nord , paris before boarding our train to amsterdam
view of garden infront of our hotel lobby

IBIS airport hotel
one of the hotel block

Amsterdam is one of my favourite places to visit in europe.It is such a classic and beutiful place to visit especially in spring during the tulip season.I had start my journey to amsterdam with my wife on the 25th april 2008 via france using THALYS train.The journey tooks us 4 hours crossing belgium along the way.The train ticket cost us around 50 euros and can be book online with the following link.

We had stop at the SCIPHOL AIRPORT station as our hotel is located near the airport.It is cheaper if you stay at the outskirt of amsterdam as hotel price is very steep if its located in the center of amsterdam.The cost of our hotel is 95 euro per night and we spent three night at IBIS hotel.Actually you could get a very good bargain if you book early.I had book this hotel actually at the last minute as originally i had plan to go to GENEVA , switzerland .In fact i had already purchase a flight ticket from PARIS to SWITZERLAND and then to AMSTERDAM but i then realised that i had book at the wrong date and i had to rescheduled my whole itinery and cancel switzerland.The transportation system at netherland is quite efficient and you could get anywhere with ease.From schiphol airport there is a free public transportation going to the IBIS be continued.......

Photo 9

Shot in amsterdam on 26 april 2008 on the way to the flower market which located at the end of this road
shot in a flea market in central amsterdam.bicycle is the main transportation for people in amsterdam

Monday, April 20, 2009

photo 8

shot in batu maung,penang,malaysia
small fisherman boat in penang island,malaysia

fishermen jetty

view of pulau jerejak from bayan baru, penang

view of pulau jerejak

Forbidden city , beijing,china

Forbidden city was declared as the WORLD HERITAGE SITE in 1987.Being there for the first time and seeing how well the area had been preserved it feel that your are being transported back to the MING DYNASTY in the early 1400.Images of shaolin and kung fu master kept playing in the back of my head and you can't help yourself imagining that you are in the set of a very large kung fu production set.
The size of this palace is so huge and i felt that 1 day in the forbidden city is not enough for you to indulge in its rich history.The total size of the palace is 720000 square meters consisting of 980 buildings and 8707 rooms.You enter the forbidden palace through the meridien gate which is located directly in front of the tiananmen square and exit through the Gate of Divine Might which is located at the other end of the forbidden city.I'm not sure which part of the forbidden city i should wrote about,because every inch of it is full with history.Therefore i just leave a link below so that you could read about its history further.