Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Activity for this weekend - Temerloh and Kuala Gandah

I will be going to Temerloh this weekend to visit the famous Pekan Sari Temerloh ( some sort of farmers market) . I had heard a lot of stories about this market and was tempted to check it out myself.I was advised by my friend to bring along an icebox because there are alot of fresh freshwater fish and most of the species can't be found anywhere especially in KL.The most interesting part of this market is it is located along the temerloh river which make it interesting .I bet there will be alot of photography opportunity.Unfortunately i'm not good at street photography and there is abig possibility that i will only be using my compact camera because i had to carry my baby.Having a bulky SLR on that day will limit my movement. I bet if MYLO (from MYLOISMYLIFE.BLOGSPOT.COM)was here , he would be able to capture the essence of this market.
Enroute i will visit Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary and iwill be spending the night in Hotel Seri Malaysia Temerloh. I'm not sure what else is there in Temerloh but i'm quite excited about this trip especially when i heard about the exotic fresh water fish. I love identifying species of fish which is unknown to me and that's the reason i love to go to the market.
Wait for my posting next week.
adios amigos


  1. Wow !! best nya buat trip macam ni. memang seronok.Anyway..have fun.
    Cheer & do have a nice day.

  2. awang - btul tu mmg seronok pegi ke tempat2 yang beyond the ridden path.That's why i called myself xplorer.sometime short trip like this is more satisfying than going to europe

  3. Thanks for the wonderful info about Pekan Sari! I've read some blog postings and viewed brilliant pictures of Pekan Sari. This place is AWESOME!!! Love the traditional settings! It reminds me of the wet market in Hatyai.

    Actually, I'm not that good in street photography :) It's really difficult to get up close and personal for street shots. Usually, I'm 'muka tebal' LOL!

    I'll visit Pekan Sari sooner or later. Look like a great place - love seeing the street hawkers peddling fruits, veggie, sea food and crafts.

    Finally...xplorer and family is visiting Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary!!! Remember to take pictures!!

    Travel safe & have a great weekend!

  4. Enjoy. Cuti-cuti Malaysia is definitely better than penat-penat pi jauh-jauh.

    Balik nanti cereta :)

  5. Hi, just came across your blog.. The Pekan Sari name originated from Pekan Sehari, it start early by 7AM in the morning you can see people start selling already.. most of the sellers are org kampung selling all sorts of things especially related to food (sayur, kuih muih etc)..

    Don't know exactly when Pekan Sari started but it is already established when I was a little kid in 70's

    Sri Malaysia Hotel is quite close to Pekan Sari.. you can just walk from the Hotel.

    At the back of the Hotel, last time it used to have a Taman Rekreasi.. just besides Sungai Semantan.. not sure it is still ok or not..

    The Pekan Sari spot is actually the end point of Sg Semantan, the river joined Sg Pahang from that point..

    Beware if you want to buy fresh water fish, make sure it is bred in sangkar from river.. sometimes it is bred in kolam.. and it won't taste as good as from river..

    Enjoy Temerloh!

  6. Salam Xplorer,

    I've been to both places.Memang best.Dekat2 Kuala Gandah tu ada Water Fall,air dia sejuk sangat,too bad its not open for Public,(Jabatan HUtan something like that punya)tapi cubalah minta izin,....

    Good Luck & enjoy your journey..
    xplorer jr mesti suka mandi dgn gajah...

    p/s:rindu nak makan tempoyak ikan patin kat kedai ujung tu...lupa nama dia,yg pasti paling ramai org!

  7. do write on kuala gandah elephant sanctuary. heard much about it. would like to visit there myself later.

  8. mylo-if you consider yourself muka tebal and then i'm muka concrete.you street photo is great man.

    ocean - thank you very much

    Lan - wow! a very useful info on temerloh .really appreciate it.What else can i do in temerloh?are you from temerloh?

    rerama-i will be on the lookout for the waterfall.JR mmg suka binatang , tapi tak leh mandi skali ler , baru je 9 bulan

    gerbert - will try and write as musch as possible

  9. Sound nice and interesting.

    UMP ada invite saya bagi talk with the date TBA. Bolehlah singgah di sini :-)


  10. Yup I was born and raised in Temerloh.. but now staying in KL..

    You can also go for Mergastua.. it is a mini zoo.. quite difficult to describe the location, but if you have GPS device, the coordinate is here 3.444231, 102.408912.. but I am not sure it open or not on Sunday..

  11. lan - tq again .yup i have a GPS but i'm not sure if i have the time.anyway tq for the reccomendation

  12. hahahah,
    kemaluan besar!that is my problem too...selalu ambik gambar dari jauh jer,malu satu hal,buatnya kena bahasa dengan orang tu kang?NAYA!!

    By the way xplorer tau Taman Dato'Harun?kedai mak...jap lagi I email direction.