Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Geoduck Clam FOUND!!!!! , yippie

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Geoduck clam

I had posted an entry about geoduck clam on my blog on 2nd september 2009 . I had finally found one restaurant which served geoduck clam which they import directly from US . The price per hundred gram is RM 35.6 and its weight an average of 1.5kg . It could be cook into several different dish but they had recommend sashimi style at it will bring out the actual taste of the clam. I had visited the restaurant yesterday and they kept the geoduck live in a cold water aquarium . i stared at the geoduck in awe and at the same time glancing up and down , up and down at my *****( i leave it to your imagination ) and ohhh god!!! it really does look like an uncircumsize penis.I was tempted to order the dish but to due to its heavenly price i had to postpone it until my next paycheck.according to one of the restaurant staff the geoduck is heavenly taste like its heavenly price. I replied - maybe i have to wait when i'm in heaven before i could taste it , he he. But one thing for sure , i will definitely try them hopefully in the near future.
South Sea seafood restaurant,
No 229, Jalan 2A, Kampung Baru Subang, 40000 Subang, Selangor
phone:-03 7846 1401 / 7846 5813

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  1. First time seeing a geoduck clam :) Look like a big 'cacing' to me. LOL!