Tuesday, January 05, 2010

GEODUCK - tasted , the verdict....

I had a very restless day after i had posted an entry about geoduck this morning.The whole morning today , i kept thinking about geoduck.the only time that i ever had this kind of feeling is during dating time previously with my girlfriend (which is currently my wife) . But its wrong to equate the feeling that i have with my wife with seafood but its so deja vu kijnd of thing that i find its very difficult to explain in words.The restlessness , uneasiness and the lack of focus and attention , its all deja vu.Enough with the nonsense , I had just came back from lunch and i had ordered GEODUCK sashimi style.

The taste :- sweet , smooth and best eaten raw.the taste is quite fine and if you took it with something else which is stronger in taste , it will overwhelm the geoduck taste. I just love it . The geoduck that i ordered weigh around 1 kg but only around 20 percent of it goes into good use and the rest of it is waste.The outer skin is very tough and cannot be eaten only a small portion of its flesh is eaten . Due to its high price i guess it will be a very long2 time before i will re-sample it again. But as for now , I HAD BEEN THERE DONE THAT.


  1. kah kah kah.... dah agak dah memang tak dan nak tunggu next pay cheque... :p

  2. mmg tak tahan ler nak tunggu sbulan,swipe saja

  3. wow..
    it does look like uncircumsize penis.

    never heard about this before..

    thanks for sharing this info..

    is it worth for me to try??DELICIOUS?

    harga nya mahal sangat tak?

  4. its really worth it ,it will cost you between RM 15 to 35 pre 100 g . The average weight is 1 kilo but only around 200g of it can be eaten

  5. Hi, looks pretty odd but I have heard much about this delicacy. Maybe one day I may try it. Thanks for sharing this info.

    Malaysia Asia

  6. Oooh! LA! LA! Look delicious to me. Nice aquarium shots.