Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pagar Ruyung Palace(Istano Basa) , Padang , Indonesia

Our taxi driver/tour guide in Padang ,
i wonder what happen to him after the recent earth quake

This picture was take in 2006 during my first trip to padang.I wonder the present condition of Padang after the recent eartquake , it must have dramatically change the landscape.

Istana Pagaruyung is also known as Istano Basa is located in Batusangkar , Padang , Indonesia.The existing palace was actually a replica of the original palace which is located at Batu Patah which was burnt in 1804 during a bloody riot.It was rebuilt but was burnt again in 1966.
The existing replica was built in 1976.The interior and the exterior layout of this building have similarity to Istana Lama Seri Menanti , Negeri Sembilan , Malaysia.


  1. Cantik and interesting architecture.

  2. I LOVE the Minangkabau roofs. Simply beautiful!

  3. i wished i cud be here for this year.

  4. ocean n mylo - the architectural is the same as per negeri sembilan

    mas-mungkin better tangguh dulu trip ni sebab padang belum 100% pulih dari gempa bumi

    axim-aku mmg minat sejarah

  5. I hope your parent enjoy the stay in Sarawak.
    Some local say the best mee kolok in Kuching is Mee Kolok Haji Salleh tapi saya sendiri belum lagi cuba.
    Is your parent on vacation in Kuching ?

  6. yep , they are on vacation . I will be going to kuching also in the near future .appreciate if you could give me the address of mee kolok haji salleh

  7. It's so idyllic out there.
    The building actually reminds me of the building not far away from A Farmosa in Melaka.

    Alamak, apa nama bangunan tu, aku tak ingat lagi...

  8. hello 1ondoncalling-welcome to my blog .maybe you are reffering to istana melaka

  9. Ada lagi mee kolok yang lebih sedap dari Hj. Salleh. kedainya sebelah Dayang cafe dekat Rubber Road, harga pun murah @RM3.50 saja. Its nice.

  10. one stop - saya mmg suka mee kolok kedai tu tapi apa relevan mee kolok ngan post ni , he he