Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some people are just lucky

I had lunch at one of the mamak stall in subang just now . Sitting beside me was one indonesian girl with her small baby .I assume that the baby was about my daughter age judging from her size.I could see sweat everywhere and the mother face look a bit pale and tired . She was having her lunch with just plain rice and some curry with nothing else .At the same time i could also see her feeding her child with plain mash rice from her plate.After a quick lunch she quickly went her way with her baby in her left arm and a small bag in a right arm . The world and everything around her seems to go in an opposite direction .Every single moment is a struggle for survival.
Seeing her with her baby , reminded me of xplorer jr at home . Alhamdulillah , my family don't have to endure such hardship . I had try as much as possible giving the best milk , the best baby food and the almost the best of everything . But is it good enough by just giving all that . My thought fly away back and forth to the past , present and at the same time trying to paint the picture of the possible future . The past relates to my own childhood and they way i was brought up . The present relates to my present self on what i had become through past experience and the future relates to my daughter future on the possible outcome if i inculcates all the good value that i had learn.
I had endure hardship before and there is a big possibility that my daughter will not endure the same hardship that i had endure . I don't want my daughter to be a spoiled brat. I need to simulate some sort of hardship for her to endure as it will toughen her up , but how?. From now on need to read some book on parenting skills , i know some people will assume that parenting will come naturally but i had always believe that the so called natural parenting skill that you have is a subconcious mirror image of your parent . It is good if you are conciously aware of your subconcious as human will overreact and complacency will take place if you are conciously not aware of you subconcious.
If you are conciously aware of your sunconcious then you will undertsand what i wrote . If you don't get it then there is a possibility that you are not aware of your subconcious. In plain words , it is like having two mind with the other are completely aware of the other presence and its like having a small voice inside your mind constantly reminding yourself.But i'm no skizofrenia ok.


  1. You are so right, children need some kind of hardship to make them resilient. Reading parenting book I think is also a good idea. How to simulate hardship, it is a question worth looking into.

  2. btul tu , hardship will make you resilient

  3. yeap..
    some people are just lucky..

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  4. verification tu benda kat mana? aku tak paham