Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sungai Pahang , Temerloh

Pahang River

I had just came back from temerloh , Pahang . Overall i'm quite satisfied with this trip as i had found a lot of interesting things in temerloh. Majority of it could be consider common to the temerloh people but alien to city folk like me . In a nutshell , it was sensory overload for me in Pekan Sari Temerloh . I feel like buying everything which is alien to me . I'm just too tired to elaborate further about my trip.Maybe in the next few days i will wrote more about my journey.As for now enjoy the picture that i took on Sungai Pahang , Temerloh.
Semantan river
This is where Semantan and Pahang river met.
Pekan Sari Temerloh start here at the river bank on the left hand side.

Bot penambang , mostly being used by the local to commute from either side of the river


  1. masak masam aka masak lemak ikan patin....sedap....huhu..walaupun suatu masa dulu tak reti nak makan...datang ke temerloh terus suka...:)

  2. mazlan-aku tak makan tempoyak sebab tu aku tak enjoy patin masak lemak.Swansea mcm mana ? bila nak balik mesia?

    masmz - thank you . eden raso ekau posti suko masok lomak ikan patin.eden cadang ekau poie temerloh

  3. Hi Xplorer,

    Nice pic of Sungai Pahang..

    The spot where you take photo of Sg Pahang and Semantan met, in 80s got a few rumah rakit.. now all gone

  4. Looks 'quiet' there! Have to say, I have not visited Temerloh. Have to venture more - locally, that is.

  5. Sungai Pahang dalam warna sepia sugguh nostalgic!
    Maaf, Bahasa saya dah tak begitu baik.
    Tapi, kalau saya tak pakai lagi, saya akan lupa semua kata yang saya belajar dulu di Malaysia. ;-)

  6. rs- thank you

    keats-sometime venturing beyond the ridden path in malaysia is more interesting than going to europe. do try it

    londoncalling - no problem bro .my english is also kelam kabut . i guess we are the same but in the opposite direction .You are trying to improve your bahasa and i'm trying to improve my english.

  7. lan - thank you.Do you have a picture of the old sungai pahang , if you have , can you scan and send it to me . i would like to feature it in this blog