Thursday, February 25, 2010

Activity for this weekend - Pulai spring resort and kukup

I had been quite busy lately with work that i didn't have time to manage my blog properly . I have a very critical task to do next week. A task which require me to be at site for 48hours round the clock . I even have to sleep at the office . The tension and pressure is really enormous as a lot of thing will actually depend on next week job . To release some of the work pressure off , i will be travelling to Pulai Spring Resort , Johor and will be spending the night there . At the same time i will be xploring KUKUP and PONTIAN area . I'm not sure what i'm going to find over there but i do heard that the area is famous for seafood . If you are familiar with that area do give me suggestion on any point of interest.

have a good weekend!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

my new bike ... SYM VTS 200

I had just bought a new bike , SYM VTS 200 - black colour . I had always prefered to used motorbike to commute between home and office to avoid KL traffic jam. Although VTS 200 is not my dream bike but it does fit a profile of a workhorse bike , a bike which i can used on a daily basis. The fuel consumption is a bit high compare to my previous kapchai but it feels very comfortable riding long distance . Maybe after this i could xplore on my motorbike like i used to do during my college days . I used to ride my kapchai all the way to JB and Cameron Highland despite my father advice that the bike only to be used to commute between my hostel and campus.Those were the days , now if i ride my kapchai all the way to JB , i could guarantee you that my back will sore . I guess that age is catching up with me but i'm only 30 years old , or is it 31 or 32 , i'm confused!!!!.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quest for Udang Galah ..... Sungai Timun and Rembau,Negeri Sembilan

udang galah , pic by
The quest for udang galah had brought me deep into unchartered territory of negeri sembilan , the journey had been very tough and yet i triumphed and succeed , although i had failed to achieved the ultimate goal but i had manage satisfy my gastronomic experience ( cheh!!! poyo je ayat kat atas).

I had heard alot about the Udang Galah of Sungai Linggi , negeri sembilan . Without much planning and further research on the internet i head straight towards negeri sembilan today . The road was terribly congested that it took me almost three hours to get to Port Dickson . When i finally reach Muara Sungai Linggi , i was a bit dissapointed with the inability of the local people to direct me to the location of the Udang Galah stall . But the funny thing is all of them admit that sungai linggi is full of Udang Galah but they were unsure on where to buy the freshwater prawn. Finally , the 7th person that i ask for direction manage to give me the correct info on the location .

Located around 10 minutes from Linggi , on the way to Lubok China , Sungai Timun is one of the tributary of Sungai Linggi. Pengkalan Nelayan Sungai Timun is the place to be if you want to look for a freshly caught udang galah . Sadly , due to chinese new year most of the prawn had either been pre-book or sold out . I had went to almost 5 different seller of udang galah and none of them have any stock available .They had ask me to wait till 6 pm as most of the fishermen was expected to return from sea by then , but since this is an unplanned trip and i'm short of time i had to decline but i will surely come back to this place again in the future to buy Udang Galah . Instead of buying udang galah i had buy 5 kg of lokan directly from one of the fishermen .

From Linggi i head to Padas via rembau and along the way i had stopped at one of the stall selling ikan salai . This is the first time that i had tasted ikan keli and baung salai . I must say that it taste delicious and furthermore it was very cheap. Five ikan keli salai only cost me 4 ringgit .In KL it will cost me around RM 2.50!!! per ikan salai .

ikan salai stall

ikan keli salai

ikan baung salai

Entrance to pengkalan nelayan sg timun

sungai timun

fishing for udang galah in sungai timun

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Random pic of London

hmm....mcm mana ler mamat ni boleh tahan dari terkucil waktu sejuk2 mcm ni .. he he

my favorite - roasted peanut with honey

tower bridge

i stayed at this hotel in kensington - walking distance
to lady diana palace
Kalau nak pegi london saya suggest pegi 1 hari sebelum krismas sebab barang2 kat sana akan dijual pada harga yang murah. Kalau kat sana masa-masa sebegini di panggil sebagai BOXING DAY , mungkin sebab barang2 dijual pada knockout price.Pasal makanan halal kat london tak perlu risau sebab memang bersepah kat sana dan orang malaysia mmg banyak kat sana .Terasa mecam berada kat malaysia pulak bila kat sana sebab pegi mana-mana pun kebarangkalian jumpa orang malaysia memang tinggi.
Dah tak tahu nak tulis apa dah , so just enjoy the picture .The picture quality was not very good because the weater was abit gloomy due to winter time.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

jr with the elephant

Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary was set up by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks as an elephant translocation unit in 1974 to track down, capture and then release these elephants into larger and safer forest reserves throughout the Peninsula.A commendable effort by the wildlife department in trying to conserve the endangered elephant in Malaysia . Honestly i feel that this place should be a bit bigger , i had been to elephant parks in Chiang mai , Thailand and i would suggest that the wildlife department could take cue from their counterpart in thailand .But then again the real purpose of setting up this sanctuary is not for commercial purposes .I'm not sure the real reason for setting up the elephant parks in chiang mai but obviously it was for commercial purposes.
Due to their noble effort in helping the elephant , i gave a rating of "A" for this place . Entrance to this park is free and among activity that you can do here is elephant ride , elephant bath and elephant feeding.

Sui!!! Sui!!!

muka Jr baru lepas menangis
My car , laptop , desktop and handphone kaput at the same time . This is the first time such thing had happened to me . Furthermore three major incident occured at my office which resulted in loss of production hours . Haiyaa!!! manyak sui lo ini tahun!!!!. Nasib baik ada JR bila nak marah pun tak jadi marah bila tgk muka dia.