Thursday, February 25, 2010

Activity for this weekend - Pulai spring resort and kukup

I had been quite busy lately with work that i didn't have time to manage my blog properly . I have a very critical task to do next week. A task which require me to be at site for 48hours round the clock . I even have to sleep at the office . The tension and pressure is really enormous as a lot of thing will actually depend on next week job . To release some of the work pressure off , i will be travelling to Pulai Spring Resort , Johor and will be spending the night there . At the same time i will be xploring KUKUP and PONTIAN area . I'm not sure what i'm going to find over there but i do heard that the area is famous for seafood . If you are familiar with that area do give me suggestion on any point of interest.

have a good weekend!!!

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