Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sui!!! Sui!!!

muka Jr baru lepas menangis
My car , laptop , desktop and handphone kaput at the same time . This is the first time such thing had happened to me . Furthermore three major incident occured at my office which resulted in loss of production hours . Haiyaa!!! manyak sui lo ini tahun!!!!. Nasib baik ada JR bila nak marah pun tak jadi marah bila tgk muka dia.


  1. haiyaaa.... why aaaa... having da same problem too.... sabar. sabar..

  2. You mentioned something about your faulty HDD. What happened to your handphone and car? Hope everything is OK by now.

    LOL! Your last sentence caught my attention :) Baby junior is walking already. Big teary eyes...look kinda cute.

  3. mas - itulah eden pun tok paham , tahun 2010 mmg malang

    mylo-yep my hdd kaput lucky i manage to recover the data using a special software . my car got major breakdown but everything is OK now except for my bank account , he he . Jr is definitely cute