Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hulu Tamu Hotspring

road leading to the hotspring

hotspring area

one of the hotspring water source

my wife and JR

I was on my way from ulu yam today when i come across HULU TAMU HOTSPRING in Batang Kali . The sign board was quite small and there is a big possibility that most road user willl missed it . If you are from ulu yam, turn right at the tee junction in Batang Kali town and head straight to hulu tamu.From the main road the journey will take you around 10 minutes across kampung and palm plantation.

The area was quite isolated and there are not many people around . There are 2 small hotspring water source in this area where water with sulphur smell constantly flows . They had built a pipe from this water source and direct it towards two small pool where you could immersed yourself in mineral rich waters. I was told that this mineral rich water contain a lot of medicinal value and i could see majority of the visitors who come here for the purpose of curing their ailments (mostly rheumatism and skin diseases).The are also some chinese folk from pandamaran who had been here on daily basis for the past one week .
I was told by the folks here that this place is open 24 hours as most people frequent here at night and early morning . Honestly this place need to do a bit of housekeeping as it there are sign of neglect here and there.But overall it is still acceptable .


  1. Ada 3 hot spring di-Kuching,tapi tidak lah best sangat,sebab tak di urus .Mereka kata biar lah look natural...

  2. aku baru balik dari KK semalam,kami ada singgah di Kolam air Panas!!

  3. awang - tu cuma alasan org malas saja

    axim - ok nanti aku tgk