Tuesday, March 09, 2010

JR had been discharged

Jr had been discharge from the selangor specialist hospital after being warded there for 5 days. Currently JR is back up and running more than ever . Thank you for those who had pray for JR well being and thank you also for the doctor and nurses who attended to JR. alhamdulillah
My advise - if you have a very high fever please do not take it lightly . Just now my office had been audited by people from kementerian kesihatan as there had been 1 case of death within the vicinity . I was told that the victim died after 6 days due to liver failure as he did not seek any medical assistance until it was too late.According to them selangor had been worst hit with dengue fever and the cases are increasing day by day.


  1. Glad to see that she's back to her old self again - bubbly junior xplorer.