Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jr in Hospital

Currrently at Selangor Specialist Center since this morning . Jr had been admitted due to very high fever . The doctor had recorded Jr temperature at 39.5c' which is very high for a 10 month old baby . Seeing Jr weak condition this morning , i feel very sad and cried as this is the first time that i had seen my baby in this condition. Doctor suspect that it could possibly be dengue fever and currently i'm still waiting for the result of the blood test .


  1. sabar k bro..
    ada hikmah di sebalik semua tuh.
    through semua ni lah kita akan di uji oleh -NYA..

    hope ur junior get better soon..
    sabar dan banyak banyak berdoa ok..
    aku doakan untuk anak kau..
    take care..

  2. Harap junior sembuh cepat... Jangan kasik Daddy dengan Mummy nyer susah hati... Siannyer Junior... Cepatlar dia sihat balik... Amin

  3. I hope baby xplorer is alright. Perhaps it's a false alarm. Get well soon from mylo.

  4. thank you all for the support , i really appreciate it

  5. It is worrying, naturally. Hope junior gets a big OK bill of health from the doctor.