Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuck in KLIA

I had missed my 1030 flight to Penang and currently i'm stuck at KLIA for the next flight at 1355.Lucky i had bring along my laptop and my M&M . I woke up early today and then i called my office told my boss secretary that i'm going to take a one day leave .I really need a rest since i had been working for 14 days straight previously.After sending my wife i went straight to KLIA and arrive KLIA at 1015 only to find that the departure gate had closed.What a way to spend my holiday - stuck at KLIA by myself with my laptop.I wish i was home playing with my daughter.
Hmm... what to do in penang , i only have a few hours to spare in penang as my flight back to KL is today at 2030.
things to do in penang
- take a bus to komtar and lunch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear Penang
-visit a tailor (FUNNY TAILOR) near bangunan UMNO-this tailor is not funny ok , he really mean business.A good quality handmade trouser in penang will only cost me RM105 compare to RM180-RM250 in KL.
-eat laksa penang for dinner
-ronda-ronda in KOMTAR area


  1. ok xplorer, cuti diluluskan!

  2. sempat jumpa ni..msg la aku kalau ko memerlukan pertolongan .aku leh hantar ko ke airport.

  3. Xplorer

    Kalau miss flight boleh exchange next flight ke atau kena purchase new ticket?


  4. azim - thanks for your assistance

    catz - btul tu .makanan penang yg paling best nasi kandaq , laksa penang n mee mamak n cendul

    lukman - kalau naik MAS miss flight boleh naik next available flight . Tapi kalau beli tiket lowest fare tak boleh. tiket biasa je boleh