Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sungai Buloh as the new hub for Klang Valley

Excerpt from PM Najib National Economic Model Speech :-
"To promote higher levels of economic investment, expansion and growth, several parcels of land in Jalan Stonor, Jalan Ampang, Jalan Lidcol, Kuala Lumpur have been identified to be tendered out and developed by the private sector. This asset, if not developed will be wasteful and the Government will incur cost of maintaining it. This initiative will be a good kick-off for more outright sale and joint ventures between the public and private sectors in land development. In this regard, I would like to inform you that Government of Malaysia and the EPF will form a joint-venture to promote the development of 3,000 acres of land in Sungei Buloh into a new hub for the Klang Valley. This will lead to over RM5 billion of new investments being made that will have an immediate effect on domestic growth, with an enormous potential for the private sector to participate in prominently."
I'm not sure on the exact location of this new developement in Sungai Buloh but i guess indirectly it will boost up property prices in sungai buloh . If you ask me the potential area would be the huge area between GUTRIE HIGHWAY and RRIM RUBBER ESTATE . The infrastructure is ready with the GUTHRIE highway and furthermore the newly completed highway from SUBANG AIRPORT to Sungai Buloh hospital . The location that i mention is located within the triangle . Nearby that area you have SKYPARK terminal with its vision to be an aviation hub , hospital and highway nearby and furthermore a huge landbank . The combination seems perfect for the next KLANG VALLEY HUB . I might be wrong but then can you find anymore perfect location that fits the above criteria. Area between bandar baru sungai buloh and sungai buloh hospital is crowded and to relocate the factory and the settlement will be costly and complicated due to various complicated issue and the goverment might not also want to be viewed as not MESRA RAKYAT especially after the heavy lost in the recent general election .


  1. bro, saujana utama okay tak? kalau along gce, ada bj (dah 80% developed), denai alam and elmina (future dev)

  2. j - if you ask me denai alam would be the best bet . But prices there is almost as equivalent to BJ with terrace house costing more than 500K . I guess sauajana utama is the only area where terrace house is around 250K plus with good facilities. Saujana is not bad also . bear in mind that SIME DARBY is planning to develop LADANG ELMINA which is close to the RRIM and in the center of saujana and DENAI ALAM . If i'm not mistaken they plan to develop it as SIME DARBY VISION CITY worth a few billion of developement .

  3. j - i had been to saujana recently , the newly develop bukit saujana seems ok . the problem with glomac is that they do not maintain their area as good as SIME DARBY . But not to say that the area is not well maintain , it is acceptable on an average national scale . but it could be better.

  4. thanks for the tips bro!