Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tanjung Piai , Johor

A drive to Johor Bahru for mere mortals would normally took 4 hours but for xplorer it took me 9 hours to reach Johor Bahru . I had always thought that i'm not normal and i believe people who are close to me believe the same thing too . I'm a bit eccentric ( in a positive way) and my wife had always told me "abang ni tak macam manusia lain ler". I had always laugh after my wife said that.Enroute to johor , i had made numerous pit stop along the way . I had travel using the coastal road through muar ,batu pahat, pontian and all the way to tanjung piai.If i see a foodstall along the roadside with many people i will stop and try it.

Initially tanjung piai was not under my list on the places to visit in johor . I was on my way to kukup when i saw the sign board and decided to make a short detour . Me and my wife just love the traditional kampung scenery along the way and we had jokingly wanted to adopt tanjung piai as our kampung angkat .
Tanjung piai is a cape in the southernmost part of johor and thus at the tip of asia.If i'm not mistaken Tanjung Piai is gazetted as a national park and manage by te johor national park.The park was well manage and the facility was clean . Among the attraction that you can do there is bird watching , wildlife watching and fishing . The experience of walking on the wooden plank traversing the swamp forest is an experience not to be missed . Just be observant and you could observe footprint of wild boar on the swamp floor. The biodiversity of this park is still intact and i do really hope that it remain that way .
Overall experience = A


  1. The wooden walkways remind me of Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve (the largest mangrove forest reserve in Malaysia). You can also visit the traditional charcoal factories right next to this forest. Check this out:

    I really LOVE to have another road trip to xplore Malaysia :) Your Malaysiana articles inspired me :)


  2. yep it is the same as the matang forest reserve only even better