Sunday, March 07, 2010

Update on Jr

Jr had been diagnosed with dengue fever.Her platlet count had drop to 112.At present her high fever had subsided . If she still refuse to eat and drink and if the platlet level still decresing , the doctor will start on glucose drip .


  1. WOW! Confirmed dengue? Thankfully, mom and dad brought junior for immediate medical

    I believe junior is recovering. Lower fever is a positive sign. Also, do not worry much about her falling platelet. The platelet count
    will be dropping until junior attains her usual body temperature.

    To junior...."Listen to mom and dad. Eat some food and get plenty of water to replenish your energy. You need energy to get and stay healthy, and that comes from food
    with nutrients and vitamins".

    Wishing junior a speedy and full recovery.

  2. Oh chayang, kechian. Dengar Uncle shloke comment and advise, Auntie rasa kejap lagi baby baik kay. Auntie tolong doakan sama ya.