Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tidak Hidup Tidak Kuat Isap

Orang macan ni pun boleh ada kat malaysia,
Yang paling best gambar ketiga " TIDAK HIDUP TIDAK KUAT ISAP" kah kah kah kah

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bored or Fed up?!

I can't sleep . I was awake since 3 am this morning and up until now i can't sleep.Kept thinking about work and how frustrating it is right now at my office . My energy level and enthusiasm remain at all time low since early this week . I guess once in a while i do feel like this , i had the same feeling last year and it took me almost 3 weeks to recover . Normally when i'm in an emotional crisis like this , i need a time away on my own contemplating and reassesing the goal that i had set fo myself.Most of the time this negative energy will manifest itself into something positive(like a new target in life) but there are certain instances where it had led me into something wild , crazy and unpredictable.
I could say that i had achieve most of the goal that i had set early on and i had done most of the thing that i had dream of when i was a kid (except for sky diving , he he ).I wish i drive a BEAMER to work , i think i can afford it(at least a second hand or lower , he he) but i won't and it does not really matter the kind of car that i drove , i had and always be happy with my kapchai (although the kapchai had recently be upgraded to an executive kapchai,he he).I had always live a simple and private life . I am not good at expressing myself verbally and people who had known me personally must attest that i'm not an ordinary joe but that does not imply that i'm a weirdo of any kind . Ahh!!... enough , i heard my daughter crying upstairs ,need to go now chiow!!!.
** i notice that the song in my flashwidget especially the beethoven 7th symphony suits well with emotional crisis that i'm having ......enjoy!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lata Kinjang , Perak

notice the pile of rubbish at the right side of the pic

I had travel all the way from KL to Tapah to visit Lata Kinjang. The drive from tapah to the waterfall will took you another 40 minutes . I was excited initially as the location of the waterfall was isolated and located far from human settlement . But the excitement soon turns into dissapointment when i saw rubbish everywhere around the waterfall area.To add to the dissapointment , not far from where i was standing i could see a girl busy shampooing her hair. What was she thinking!!!,come on , if you really need to clean yourself , this is not the place .Get a bathroom!!!.I guess this is the first and the last for me in Lata Kinjang.The only good thing about this place is that the water was crystal clear and you could clearly see that the river was teeming with fish.

It was a sad day for me as a malaysian . We human regard ourselves as the Khalifah(guardian) of this world but some time it is we who will done the most damage . The world is like a very big island with us human stranded in it , we need to take care of our big island as everything in it is limited and finite.The rubbish that you throw away today won't magically dissapear the next day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mee Banjir Udang Tanjung Karang

I was on my way from lumut via the kuala selangor - teluk intan old trunk road two weeks ago when i saw quite a large crowd at one of the roadside stall selling mee udang(prawn mee).Out of curiosity i had travel 70 km today to sample the mee udang . The verdict - if you compare the mee udang here with other mee udang in KL , i could say this is the best but the gravy is a bit "cair" and prawn was not "banjir" as claim. If you compare the mee udang here with mee udang in Penang (mee udang in teluk kumbar to be exact) i could say that mee udang in penang is much more better , in fact 10 times more.
overall experience = C
address = Batu 10 , Jalan Bernam , 45500 , Tanjung karang selangor.
JR with her new toy

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Swiss Garden Resort Hotel , Lumut

steambot for dinner at the hotel - the best so far for xplorer

at the lobby with the beautiful sunset scenery


our hotel room
one of the beach cafe

view from the lobby
my wife showing her archery skills
myself with my sister
with my brother in law
my niece

I can say that me and my family had a very good time in swiss garden resort .We had frequently went for a holiday as a family and i could say that we went for a holiday more than an average family . But this time it was a bit special as we had spent quality time(less on shopping and sightseeing) together as a family . I guess that the 2 days that we spent in swiss garden will remain as the day our family became one . I need to do this kind of activity on a yearly basis to strenghten our family bond .
I do recommend the stemboat at RM 65 per pax at the noodle house restaurant - the best steamboat so far.
overall hotel experience = A+

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunrise at Teluk Senangin , Lumut

I wake up early just to see the sunrise . It was still very dark at 630am and i decided to sit on the cabana , contemplating . The air was very fresh and the sea breeze gently gushing through my body . I thought while savouring the moment- this is how you should live your life . Feel very relax without any worries in my mind .Minutes later , the sun slowly rose and this is what i saw , beautiful.........Wish you all was here .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fishing at Swiss Garden Resort Hotel , lumut

view from my hotel room
beach area - this is where i do my fishing

catch of the day
my parent and my in law
my father

my father with his first catch of the day

myself with an ikan semilang

This place is awsome , you can spend the whole day doing lots of activity without leaving the resorts compound . I'm not going to tell you yet about this hotel , i'm just too tired . I just came back(30 minutes ago) from fishing within the resorts area with my father . In total we got 5 fish ( 2 ikan gelama , 1 ikan semilang and 2 ikan duri).I used to be a hard core kaki pancing when i was still in penang . I will go fishing almost on every weekend .Honestly it had been almost 6 years since i last touch my rod and i feel rejuvenated when i caught my first fish . For some people fishing could bee seen as a non productive activity . For kaki pancing like myself it is very difficult to explain the satisfaction of catching your own fish . I guess it has something to do with your instinct and the human evolution from a hunter and gatherer type of ifestyle to the existing modern lifestyle.
Will update later , i'm just too tired to write a long entry .