Friday, April 09, 2010

Activity for this week

Tomorrow is JR first birthday . Will be going to swiss garden resort hotel in Lumut to celebrate and at the same time to unwind . A lot of things had happen in my life last week . My uncle had past away last monday and my auntie had been admitted in ICU due to lung problem . Alhamdulillah she is recovering and most probably discharge from manjung hospital tomorrow. Wait for my posting tomorrow on SWISS GARDEN RESORT HOTEL.


  1. happy birthday to JR.
    i've been to swiss garden lumut.
    nice place!
    jln2 cari makan sekali di lumut/ teluk batik ya.
    enjoy ur trip!

  2. thank you catz . jauh tak dari pekan lumut?

  3. hahha..
    u pun dah sampai sana kan..jauh?
    ke ke ke..
    kena lalu ladang kelapa sawit..ladang dragon fruit...jauhhhhh!
    i ada buat entrynya dlm blog lama saya..
    btw..nice place kannnn..

  4. btul tu jauh gile kedalam tempat ni tapi best gile .pas ni nak cuba swiss garden kuantan plak

  5. swiss garden kuantan saya pernah stay sana
    nice hotel too..
    but currently i soooo in love with awana kijal.

  6. really ar , awana kijal is nice hah!! will go there in this near future