Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bored or Fed up?!

I can't sleep . I was awake since 3 am this morning and up until now i can't sleep.Kept thinking about work and how frustrating it is right now at my office . My energy level and enthusiasm remain at all time low since early this week . I guess once in a while i do feel like this , i had the same feeling last year and it took me almost 3 weeks to recover . Normally when i'm in an emotional crisis like this , i need a time away on my own contemplating and reassesing the goal that i had set fo myself.Most of the time this negative energy will manifest itself into something positive(like a new target in life) but there are certain instances where it had led me into something wild , crazy and unpredictable.
I could say that i had achieve most of the goal that i had set early on and i had done most of the thing that i had dream of when i was a kid (except for sky diving , he he ).I wish i drive a BEAMER to work , i think i can afford it(at least a second hand or lower , he he) but i won't and it does not really matter the kind of car that i drove , i had and always be happy with my kapchai (although the kapchai had recently be upgraded to an executive kapchai,he he).I had always live a simple and private life . I am not good at expressing myself verbally and people who had known me personally must attest that i'm not an ordinary joe but that does not imply that i'm a weirdo of any kind . Ahh!!... enough , i heard my daughter crying upstairs ,need to go now chiow!!!.
** i notice that the song in my flashwidget especially the beethoven 7th symphony suits well with emotional crisis that i'm having ......enjoy!!!

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