Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fishing at Swiss Garden Resort Hotel , lumut

view from my hotel room
beach area - this is where i do my fishing

catch of the day
my parent and my in law
my father

my father with his first catch of the day

myself with an ikan semilang

This place is awsome , you can spend the whole day doing lots of activity without leaving the resorts compound . I'm not going to tell you yet about this hotel , i'm just too tired . I just came back(30 minutes ago) from fishing within the resorts area with my father . In total we got 5 fish ( 2 ikan gelama , 1 ikan semilang and 2 ikan duri).I used to be a hard core kaki pancing when i was still in penang . I will go fishing almost on every weekend .Honestly it had been almost 6 years since i last touch my rod and i feel rejuvenated when i caught my first fish . For some people fishing could bee seen as a non productive activity . For kaki pancing like myself it is very difficult to explain the satisfaction of catching your own fish . I guess it has something to do with your instinct and the human evolution from a hunter and gatherer type of ifestyle to the existing modern lifestyle.
Will update later , i'm just too tired to write a long entry .

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