Monday, April 26, 2010

Lata Kinjang , Perak

notice the pile of rubbish at the right side of the pic

I had travel all the way from KL to Tapah to visit Lata Kinjang. The drive from tapah to the waterfall will took you another 40 minutes . I was excited initially as the location of the waterfall was isolated and located far from human settlement . But the excitement soon turns into dissapointment when i saw rubbish everywhere around the waterfall area.To add to the dissapointment , not far from where i was standing i could see a girl busy shampooing her hair. What was she thinking!!!,come on , if you really need to clean yourself , this is not the place .Get a bathroom!!!.I guess this is the first and the last for me in Lata Kinjang.The only good thing about this place is that the water was crystal clear and you could clearly see that the river was teeming with fish.

It was a sad day for me as a malaysian . We human regard ourselves as the Khalifah(guardian) of this world but some time it is we who will done the most damage . The world is like a very big island with us human stranded in it , we need to take care of our big island as everything in it is limited and finite.The rubbish that you throw away today won't magically dissapear the next day.


  1. Litter is my BIG bugbear!!! I feel so sad to see so much rubbish EVERYWHERE! So much plastic rubbish! very few places are clean anymore - even food places. Malaysians have to wake up and keep our beautiful country clean.

  2. Its also about maintenance.. kita belum ada maintenance mentality. we're so busy with new things we forget we can salvage the old. for eg bila ada projek nobody wants to talk about maintenance or anything related to the environment. its often considered a cost that can be done away with & always the first to be trimmed off. habis macamane kan?

    ur doter so very the comey :D

  3. keats - people are so concern about developement that they neglect mother nature

    tiffa - you are in the construction business i guess you should know , no allocation for environment unless it is a high impact project .

    Like father like daughter larr!!