Friday, April 02, 2010

5 minutes break from work

Currently still stuck at the office , for the past one week i feel disconnected from the rest of the world . I don't know what had happen in the rest of the world . I had heard about the pakatan rakyat creating a havoc at the DUN assembly and that's it . Politics in malaysia had reach and all time low . I had scratch my head day and night and i still can't comprehend why is it so important to stay in power, but then i'm still an infant in politics . The court had ruled against the PAKATAN and i would really like to see them play a good role in being an opposition rather than being obsessed to staying in power . I do not want the government to feel that the are powerful and do whatever they like because absolute power absolutely corrupts . I would like to see malaysia to have a strong opposition party to provide check and balance to the government . I guess that this is what every rakyat wants , a good government and a good opposition party . I guess that my voice does not matter as i'm only an IKAN BILIS in the sea.
My world for the past week is either the cyberspace or at the office . On daily basis i will arrive home around 9 pm and go to work at 7.30 am the next day . Time fly at warp speed when you are busy and having a daughter at home it seems like it flies at turbo warp speed . I heard on the radio today that DIN BERAMBOI had died due to dengue . My condolence to his family , my daughter had survived dengue last month and listening to news like this made you feel blessed . Need to continue back with my works.
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