Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunrise at Teluk Senangin , Lumut

I wake up early just to see the sunrise . It was still very dark at 630am and i decided to sit on the cabana , contemplating . The air was very fresh and the sea breeze gently gushing through my body . I thought while savouring the moment- this is how you should live your life . Feel very relax without any worries in my mind .Minutes later , the sun slowly rose and this is what i saw , beautiful.........Wish you all was here .


  1. i've been here...perak ni banyak pantai menarik. cuma teluk senangin ni mcm terkelakang dr segi kemudahan dll.
    tgk sunset di teluk batik kah?

  2. btul tu , saya tak pegi pun teluk batik . i had seen your entry on swiss garden. have yiu try the NOODLE HOUSE restaurant in the hotel , the best steamboat so far

  3. Salam xplorer.. when i was much2 younger i had the wonderful experience of sleeping ramai2 on the beach of telok senangin under the beautiful moonlit skies and waking up to a breathtaking dawn. masa tu xde development apa2 pun.. home was not too far away and trekking was fun.

    those were the days lol.

  4. never been here..teluk batik pernah la pi..

  5. justiffa - wow best tu tido kat beach . i had the same experience before , those were the days

    axim-teluk batik is too commercialized . tak best