Saturday, April 17, 2010

Swiss Garden Resort Hotel , Lumut

steambot for dinner at the hotel - the best so far for xplorer

at the lobby with the beautiful sunset scenery


our hotel room
one of the beach cafe

view from the lobby
my wife showing her archery skills
myself with my sister
with my brother in law
my niece

I can say that me and my family had a very good time in swiss garden resort .We had frequently went for a holiday as a family and i could say that we went for a holiday more than an average family . But this time it was a bit special as we had spent quality time(less on shopping and sightseeing) together as a family . I guess that the 2 days that we spent in swiss garden will remain as the day our family became one . I need to do this kind of activity on a yearly basis to strenghten our family bond .
I do recommend the stemboat at RM 65 per pax at the noodle house restaurant - the best steamboat so far.
overall hotel experience = A+


  1. macam best je.
    tak pernah sampai lagi ni.

  2. family holidays are great 'together times'. we have to plan more as the kids are big now and schedules are different. have to play catch up!!

  3. dude - memang best

    keats - correct , the best time to have family holidays are when the kids are still smalll . when they grow up , they might be busy with school and other activity

  4. RM65 per pax?thats crazy!(for me....)...heee

    tapi seronok kan cuti2 dgn whole family..mmg amalan kami tu!!!