Friday, April 02, 2010

Typically what i saw from office to home

my bike
me n my wife

enroute to my house
guthrie highway at bukit jelutong exit
motorist tunnel at Petaling jaya

Kampung kerinci junction (kl)
I walk out from my office at 830 pm just now and from KL , menara telekom to be exact.I rode my bike all the way to sungai buloh . I just want to share with you the typical day of XPLORER and what i saw on my way home . There's nothing much to see actually , riding a bike i could cut travelling time by almost 75% . By car it would take me 2 hours on a normal day to travel from sungai buloh to KL ,by bike it will only take me maximum 40 minutes .


  1. Please ride safely and don't take anymore pictures. I did the same recently, taking pictures while driving and it was not safe. I did it hoping to blog too.

  2. Don't use HP while driving & Don't use camera while riding hehehe...
    Anyway have a wonderful weekend.

  3. og n awang-he he . thank you . Don't drink n drive . don't shoot and ride.

  4. buat jer..ambik gambar.kata nak live life to the fullest kan.heheeee

  5. naik komuter la lagik selamat

  6. wahhh ini motor barunya!!!
    pemanduan selamat yerrr xplorer :)

  7. axim - btul tu just do it

    gerbert - komuter skang ni penuh sesak ngan mat indon n bangla

    masmz - tq