Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had attended a simple tahlil  function yesterday at the RUMAH ILHAM .The tahlil started afer maghrib prayer and then continued until isya prayer , this was then followed with dinner together with the orphans .
It was an enlightening moment to spend a brief moment with the orphans . The feeling of humility suddenly engulf yourself as you see the orphans.I try to imagine myself in their position . It must be tough being an orphan at such a young age. At that young age , they need a tender loving care from their parent but i guess that was impossible . My thought shift to my daughter and how me and my wife had shower her with love and attention . Whenever my daughter cry , she always had a shoulder to cry on and we had always try our best to comfort her , but what happen if these orphan have any problems , who will they shoulder on ? . From my observation the management of the orphanges had try their best in creating an ideal living condition at the orphanages but i guess no facility in the world can replace a place call "HOME".

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