Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy week

I had reach my stress treshold level . My head is throbbing and i get agitated easily . I desperately need to get away from all of this . I had been working for 14 days straight and last weekend i spend 2 night at the office working unitl 5 am in the morning . The best thing is , it seems like nobody bother nor appreciate the things that i had done for the company . I just can close one eyes and let it rolls but the onus will be on me if something went wrong . So in a way i don't have a choice . What I want is just a small gesture of appreciation , a simple question like "how's yesterday night issue , is everything ok?" would at least show that you care . I had belanja my team who had supported me during the two night that i spent at the office . I had belanja them lunch , it was a small token but i had show them that i appreciate their support .But my superior does not aware or care the things that i done for the company, how frustrating is that !! .
**can't wait for my trip to disneyland next week


  1. Sounds like Disneyland coming at the perfect time.