Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland

Simply put , if you bring your teenager to this place , there is a possibility that she will revolt but kids and adult like myself love this place .But that doesn't make me a "budak-budak". If you expect to see rides which will make you pee then you will be dissapointed . Being in disneyland actually rekindle the fond memories growing up with the disney character . I must admit that i grew up watching mickey mouse and donald duck and i learn english by watching disney cartoons.

From the airport i took the airport express to tsing yi station then to suuny bay station before boarding the special disney train to disneyland . In disneyland we stayed at the Disney Hollywood Hotel. Actually there are two hotel in disneyland , the more expensive one is the DISNEYLAND HOTEL and the other one is the Hollywood hotel . The rate per night for Hollywood hotel is HKD 1590 per night which is equivalent to RM650 per night . The room was spacious and can accomodate 4 people .

I had come to hong kong at the wrong season , it was raining all day and on our first day in disneyland , the fireworks and the disney parade was cancelled . We were a bit dissapointed as both event is the highlight of disneyland . By the way the entrance ticket to disneyland is HKD 350 or equivalent to RM 175 . If you were the hotel guest your ticket is valid for two days , otherwise it's only valid for one day.

In general all the rides inside disneyland is free and the waiting periods for each ride is about 5 minutes which was not too bad . The souveniers in disneyland is very expensive and if you missed the shop you can always buy your disney souvenier at the airport. A disney T-shirt will cost you not less than RM 80.Forget finding a fake disney t-shirt in Mong Kok as there is none, i guess disney control their product very well.

One of my favourite rides is the Jungle river cruise . Overall i am very satisfied with my visit at disneyland and i gave a thumbs up for anyone visiting hong kong disneyland.If you ask me the best time for visiting disneyland is in december and january where the temperature is cooler .Do visit hong kong disneyland if you have the chance.

Overall experience = A

at the souvenier shop
disney parade

on board the MAS 777 aircraft
magic castle

main entrance

disney train station

disney jungle river cruise

fish and chips at disneyland


  1. Salam, nak tanya.. Tiket disneyland tu u beli kat mana (yg bole valid sampai 2 hari)? Kami sekeluarga juga bcdg utk kesana buln hdpn.. Thanx

  2. salam mummy eda- tiket tu khas untuk org yg menginap kat hotel disney sahaja, pelawat biasa cuma dpt satu hari saja . penginap hotel beli masa check in

  3. seronok baca kisah percutian awak ni, leh belajar serba sedikit. nak tahu lah, kalau kt HK tu kita pergi berdua je selamat tak?
    agak2 akan sesat atau ada masalah apa2 ke? saya jg dah follow blog awak, harap tu sudilah follow blog saya yg serba kekurangan ni heheh

  4. confirm tak sesat punya , hong kong mmg selamat