Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm in Kota Bharu

view of kelantan river from my hotel room

at karak highway
lunch at kfc kuala lipis

kuala lipis

kuala lipis

road to Gua Musang

stall where i buy my dinner in front of the hotel

view in front of my hotel

my hotel room

I depart from my house in Sungai Buloh at 930 am and arrive in Kota Bharu 9 hours later . Enroute i had stop at kuala lipis for lunch . The road was full with cars but the situation was not as bad during the long school holidays.The last time i had been to kota bharu was 5 years back , i could see that kota bharu had changed alot .

After check in , i had went to one of the stall in front of the hotel to buy nasi dagang and nasi kerabu for dinner . I was a bit suprised how cheap things are in KB , my dinner only cost me RM3 in KL it would easily cost me RM 6 for a nasi dagang with a big size fried chicken, I'm feeling a bit tired aftter a long drive , will go to bed early today . My itinery for tomorrow is as follows

-pantai sri tujuh

-pengkalan kubur

-a visit to kampung laut to visit the serunding factory

-state museum

-a visit to the oldest mosque in malaysia - masjid kampung laut


  1. more pics please..hehehe

    lama siot aku tak ke KOTA BHARU..

  2. aku dah letak bnyk gambaq utk hang

  3. lawa spec JR...nk pnjm boleh??? jgn lupe blnje nasi gorg paprik sok..hehe