Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Official - JR can walk independently

My flight landed today at 1830 hrs . Will blog about my journey to Hong Kong tomorrow but i would like to officially announce that JR can now walk independently .It all happened when we had just check in to our room in disneyland and my wife was busy unloading our luggage when suddenly JR started to stand and walk all over the room . We are so delighted that JR finally learn how to walk . Maybe due to adrenalin rush from seeing mickey mouse in disneyland , ha ha ha.

** hopefully JR does not brag in front of his friend by telling that she had learn how to walk from MICKEY MOUSE :-) LOL!!


  1. Picture 1 is brilliant! Feeling of joy and ecstatic :)

  2. Ala ala ala comey nye... and she looks like a baby gazelle yg baru nak belajar berdiri, her feet nampak tak stable lg ;D

    Congrats JR..pasni ur mummy & daddy jenuh la dok hambat sana sini heheh!!

  3. mylo - biasa2 je gambar tu . i just used my compact camera

    tiffa- memang penat nak mengejar .asyik nak berjalan je kat dlm disneyland