Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pancing ikan

It was a very mentally exhausting week for me last week . I was too tired to go anywhere during the weekend.I spend most of the time yesterday fishing in my fish pond. Contrary to what many of you would think , it was not as easy as it seems . I was targeting only a specific kind of fish which is tilapia and lampam , adding this with close to over a hundred other fish plus four very friendly tortoise , make this fishing quite difficult and fun . The success rate of catching your target fish for me is almost 98% , for my father is 40% , he he. You need to have a very keen eye and a good relfex , if you see other fish charging your bait , you need to quickly pull your rod . Fish like arrowana could charge like a torpedo and need to be extra careful not to hook up the prize fish . For your info i got 2 arrowana about 4 foot long.

ikan tilapia
ikan lampam


  1. Very interesting indeed,Pancing kat kolam sendiri.Thanks for sharing & have a wonderful weekend.

  2. uncle - thank you . same to you