Thursday, June 24, 2010

Activity for this weekend

The whole family will be going to Ipoh this weekend for a short 2 days 1 night holiday . Our itinery for ipoh shall be a short visit to PUSAT PEKASAM NASIONAL in Tasik Raban Lenggong , Gerai nasi ganja and nasi lemak ayam kampung. In a nutshell , my holiday in ipoh is more towards JALAN-JALAN CARI MAKAN .


  1. hi.. i suka blog yang ada jenjalan, makan2 ni... hehe.. wow bestnya... do share with us nanti... esp tang pekasam tu.. hehe...

  2. How exciting! Yes looking forward to your report on Ipoh. Nanti kami pun boleh pi cuba try test tengok :)

  3. lady - ok nanti saya storey kan

    og - mmg kena p try test tengok.Congratulation on being ROASTED recently , he he