Friday, June 18, 2010

Future Travel plan and my life so far

I had evaluated my financial situation and honestly i need to slow down a bit on my spending . I had accumulated a lot of debt in just a short timeframe and things are quite tight right now . Money kept pouring out for real estate investment puposes and so far had not registered any real gain yet . My motto is always living life to the fullest by spending quality times with your family . I guess i had done that and i had travel quite alot with my wife and my parents.
I guess for 2010, from this month onwards i won't be travelling as much as i did before . I will try to save as much as possible for my 2011 and 2012 travel plan.I would like to visit korea in 2011 and i had plan to take a very long leave to go to australia ( rent a car n xplore ). When the time is right and i feel that my daughter is ready to endure long haul flight hopefully in 2013 i will be going to Argentina and Uruguay.
Travelling with a baby and small children is very challenging especially on long haul flight . On my recent trip to hong kong , JR was extremely active and it was very difficult to control her , she persistently want to crawl all over the place and constantly want to crawl towards the business class area , he he . Honestly JR is very fast becoming like his daddy . Cannot diam one , must always jalan-jalan.
Lookin back at my life for the past 8.5 years since i graduated , i think i did ok although career wise it was a bit stagnant.If you ask me if i were given a chance to turn back time would i do things differently, my answer is - no , from my experience things happened for a reason . I had learn from every single things which had happened in my life . This valuable lesson had shape XPLORER as XPLORER - a quiet but otak gila-gila one , polite but definitely can be cruel , humble n low profile , not superstitous , can do lawak bodoh one , analytical in perceptions , hate to follow protocol , love my wife n my daugther , have a problem with expressing what i feel and thinks that he's a millionaire although can't seems to remember where he stash the money , ha ha ha ha :-) . Well that sums up XPLORER.


  1. salam,

    xplorer tetaplah jadi xplorer..:)
    now saya pun dah slow down plus macam dah a bit malas. now i nak try buat xtvt dalam malaysia yang saya tak pernah lately macam beriya2 nak buat xtvt dengan kawan2..pi atv..join segala run-run , pi hiking etc. coz actually dlm malaysia pun banyak benda menarik untuk will be water rafting di kuala kubu. if nak join boleh ja.
    Fun juga join benda2 macam tu..and now i realise that dlm malaysia ni pun banyak benda kita boleh enjoy.

    tapi jalan-jalan..tetap lah kan, sekiranya masa dan fnancial mengizinkan. kadang kawan saya kata, buat apalah nak simpan duit, jalan aja lah. kang dah tua, kalau duit banyak, u would not enjoy pun kalau pi travel coz pemikiran, kudrat dah lain.kadang betul juga apa dia cakap tuh.

    as u dah banyak tempat dah pegi, kira oklah pada umur sekarang ni. macam saya, baru beginner,. banyak benda tak tengok lagi.

    selalu je mat saleh bawak anak2..sampai 3 org anak bwk pi travel..siap ala2 berkelah kat epot. seronok je tgk. hiksss

    tapi biasanya..once dah suka travel..sampai bila2 pun suka. dan cuba gak nak sampai destinasi impian.

  2. catz - xplorer akan tetap jadi xplorer . betul tu malaysia pun bnyk tempat untuk xplore tapi currently i'm having difficulty to decide as i had been to almost all of them . Currently looking for off the beaten track location in malaysia but it is a bit difficult as it was not listed . You will only find off the beaten track location by wandering around , which explain why i prefer to use the old trunk road rather than the highway. I had found alot of off the beaten track loaction before i start blogging but sadly i had never bother to document it .What i had listed in my blog is only roughly half from what i had experience in travelling . i wish i start blogging earlier.

    tu la kekadang mmg kagum bila matsalleh bawak baby kecik pi travel , mcm mana diaorg boleh buat sebab mmg bukan perkara senang .

    thank you for the invitation

  3. Sounds like good planning. And your destinations are awesome. I believe wishes are doa and doa insyaaAllah Allah makbulkan. And apart from your family, you also think of your parents. Menjadi anak yang beriman dan beramal soleh adalah planning yang terbaik.

    Semoga diberkati Allah sentiasa Xplorer and family.

  4. og - thank you , you are correct

  5. Money sense is always good sense! LOL Good to plan and keep a watch over hard earned money.

  6. Salam bro Explorer. Lama dah saya tak ke sini. Betul ckp BE tu. tp saya pula baru nak mula. skrg ni tengah berjalan ke ceruk Sabah ni. mmg la, dah biasa org pergi kan. tp i mean yg CERUK lagi org tak pergi. hmmm. cuba membuat gambar mengikut perspektif sendiri. alhamdulillah stkt ni, semua nya bagus. yg paling best bila ada jemputan masuk ke tempat2 restricted area. hahaha. lagila mencabar nak snap. (well tau la, i si gadis gila menggambar). Saya harap saya juga ada peluang berjalan di negara org lain juga. macam BE. good luck to you, have a nice day.

  7. keats - sometime common sense is much better than money sense.

    mylittle parade - welcome back .betul tu , kalau ada pelung saya pun nak xplore sabah sebab blum btul2 xplore sabah.masa awak akan sampai jugak utk pusing dunia , kena berusaha bersungguh-sunnguh.

  8. B.E : kalau datang sini, inform la. kalau masa sesuai, bole buat photo trip ke semporna.huhuhu

  9. mas-thank you for the invitation

  10. Well said! "Living life to the fullest" Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

    Glad to know that you brought along your family members for holidays. As the saying goes "Sharing is caring".

    I can foresee junior xplorer...a future globetrotter :)