Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

I had just celebrated my 32nd birthday. But honestly when my friends ask me , i would reply that i'm 31 . I wish i could hold on to number 30 or 31 forever but then again "dunia cakap pi , kubur cakap mari". I had lost count on the number of white hair which had suddenly blossom on top of my head . The worst thing was when i went to pasar malam recently , a young girl call me "pakcik" and then called me "abang" while smiling sheepisly when she realised my discomfort.
Honestly do i look that old?!!!


  1. Aaaaw xplorer..baru 32, muda lg tu ;D

    So happy birthday, may ur wishes come true n dont fret too much over the'll just keep piling up so we might as well make the best of it kan lol.

    And nothing's stopping u from being a cool 'pakcik' ;p

  2. dude - thank you .selamat melangsungkan perkahwinan

    tiffa - correct it keep piling up. i guess everybody must have their first pakcik n makcik moment

  3. hi,
    happy birthday ke...32.
    many happy returns.
    age is just a number (ha-aha..denialnya aku),
    takpe..young at heart.

  4. catz - thank you .everybody is in denial when talking about their age

  5. xplorer, ekaw tua sikeet jo dari Den.... Happy Birthday.... Semoga sihat selalu, panjang umur dan murah rezeki....

    [psst.psst : pasai apa den rasa eden mudo je selalu... huhuhu]

  6. mas-makaseh . samo lo den pun , sentiaso ajo ghaso mudo walopun dah ado oghang panggil den pokcik

  7. ehehe..
    lama dah x jengah blog mr. explorer!
    x worries bro, me too kadang2 rasa muda plak even umur dah masuk 31 & frankly i dont feel like being in 30's at all :-D
    anyway, happy birthday & many happy returns!

    *we're sharing the same zodiac, co-ins!


  8. encikkkk...epi bezday 32!da tuaaa da.hehehe kalo taw bezday encik bley blnje eskim.hehe

  9. miera - mana ada tua mude lagi tu

  10. Hey xplorer, happy belated birthday! Do not worry about those white hair. I think a little gray hair makes a person look wiser :)


  11. shloke - when you think about it , it does make you a bit smarter