Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kelantan day 2

hotel lobby
my room
pasar siti khadijah

inside pasar siti khadijah

After breakfast at the hotel we went straight to kampung laut to visit my uncle and at the same time i want to see how meat floss (serunding) was made . By boat, Kampung laut was just opposite my hotel across the river and will take you around 15 minutes to reach , by car it will be a bit longer .

Once you enter kampung laut you can see almost everywhere people manufacture and sell meat floss for a living . In a span of just 500 meter i counted more than 10 houses producing their own brand of meat floss. I was a bit dissapointed to find that they had just finish manufactured a batch of meat floss. If you buy your meat floss here the price will be around 30% cheaper than what was being sold outside .

From kampung laut , we head straight to pantai sri tujuh in tumpat . The weather was glaringly hot and we didn't spend much time there and furthermore JR was sleeping . The scenery along pantai seri tujuh was exceptionally beautiful with rows of traditional malay houses nestled along the coconut tree with the view of white sandy beaches at the backdrop. I wish i have a house here .

Our next destination is pengkalan kubur . There was nothing much to see in pengakalan kubur . Pengkalan kubur is a heaven if you want to find cheap thailand product though i think the price had gone up a bit due to the increasing number of tourist. If you bring your passport i would recommended that you cross the border to Tak Bai in thailand . Although i had never been to takbai but from my experience in Padang Besar and Bukit Kayu Hitam , price are generally 20% cheaper across the border . We didn't buy a single thing in pengkalan kubor but we did sample sate ikan . It was very cheap at 10 cent per piece. In KL 10 cent can only buy you sweets.

From pengkalan kubor we went to pantai cahaya bulan(PCB) , PCB had change a lot since my visit around 10 years ago . A visit to PCB had rekindle my memory as this was the place where me and my buddies first explore kelantan during my junior college days.Enroute back to kota bahru i had a brief stop at MRSM pengkalan chepa (where i study for two years).

Our hotel was located in the city center and around 10 minutes walk to the museum . Before heading back to the hotel we stop by at pasar siti khadijah where we had LAKSAM for dinner.
inside pasar siti khadijah at pasar siti khadijah

entrance of kelantan palace

dried squid seller

nasi air -pengkalan chepa
stall selling fish ball at PCB
at PCB
pengkalan kubor
pantai sri tujuh

pantai sri tujuh
one of the meat floss producer in kampung laut that we visited

my wife and my uncle at the meat floss producer house

pickle at pengkalan kubor
sate ikan
home made hot dog - pengkalan kubor

pengkalan kubor

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