Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nasi Ganja Ipoh (Cannabis rice)

I was in Netherland when i saw my first cannabis cake and lollipop . I had never imagine that Malaysia also got cannabis rice ( NASI GANJA) , he he . The term nasi ganja was given due to its addictive effect and i must say that after trying it out for myself , it is a bit addictive . The curry was a bit spicy and a bit different from the curry that i had ever tasted in other mamak stall . Maybe they did add some cannabis inside their curry , ha ha. The owner claim that the spices is imported directly from india and they had been in business for more than 50 years.

They restaurant is full all the time and there is a long queue outside the restaurant and looking at the constant people coming in and out i must say that NASI GANJA IPOH had built itself a reputation for being the best nasi kandar restaurant in Ipoh .

overall taste - A

address-Yong Suan Coffee Shop , Jalan Yang Kalsom , Ipoh.

we had to tapau our nasi ganja and eat it elsewhere as the restaurant is full


  1. Looks dynamity!! Have not tried it before.

  2. Fuyoo..inilah dia kdai Nasi Ganja ehh..ade member kat Ipoh ckp, N.Ganja ni plg power kat M'sia..ntah lah..hehe..nak pergi, jaoh la plak..huhu musti terbaek kan!

  3. keats - kena cuba pi try tesk tengok , he he

    che burn - welcome to my blog.nasik kandaq paling power kat mesia goes to NASIK KANDAR LINE CLEAR in penang.

  4. aku setuju.Nasi kandar Line Clear terbaekkkkk..nanti nak buat review jugak..heheee

    never try this nasi ganja..kalau ke Ipoh pasti akan menyinggah.

  5. GULP!!! Picture 2 and 3 :) The smell and spices....OOH LA LA!

  6. tiba2 rasa nak makan kat line clear. tapi jauh lah pula.

  7. Salam xplorer,
    Lepas ni tiap-tiap minggu Den makan nasik ganja nih! Den kena pindah dok Ipoh...
    Aternyerrr cakap Peghak lar pulak teman lepaih nih!

  8. axim - nasik line clear tetatp akan jadi POOJAAN HATIKU

    mylo - you should try it

    catz - tiada istilah jauh utk seorang traveler.

    masmz-jgn ekau makan ganja sudah

  9. aku tahu ada nasi ganja kat ipoh, but tak pernah tahu kat kedai mana although tahu jalan mana... hehehe... being org ipoh such a shame plak ko dah try dulu... hahaha

  10. bukan ko sorang je org ipoh yang tak tahu . Aku pi hotel casuarina , staff kat sana pun tak tahu padahal 1 km je dari hotel..he he

  11. hari ni aku p penang semata2 nak try nasi kandar line clear, nasi tu memang sedap, tapi masih tak boleh lawan nasi Vanggey kat Ipoh....

  12. Bagi aku nasi kandaq line clear masih terbaekkk